Alia Sanjay is the next serial celebrity to join the pair .. Bharathi leaving his girlfriend!

Fans will be eager to know who the movie celebrities are in love with and who they are going to marry. In that sense, it seems that Arun Prasad, who plays the protagonist of the serial Bharathikannamma, who is currently on the top list in DRP, is in love with another serial actress.

So after Raja Rani 1 serial Alya Mansa-Sanjeev who starred together in that serial fell in love and got married as a real couple. They currently have two children.

Following them, Vijay Archana and Arun Prasad, who are currently playing the role of Archana as the villain in the Raja Rani 2 serial, fall in love with each other. The couple is reportedly getting married as soon as possible on social media.

He also said that Arun Prasad was leaving the Bharathikannamma serial and in return Sanjay, a close friend of Commander Vijay, was going to play the role of Bharathi in the Bharathikannamma serial.

The protagonist of this serial has already been changed and now the protagonist will also change so be sure to read the serial dull. Also, it seems that Arun Prasad will be leaving the serial due to film opportunities in the cinema.

So the photos of Arun Prasad and Archana together and their love stories are being shared more and more by the iconic fans on social media.

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