All Of Us Are Dead ending explained: Heartbreaking goodbyes, a welcome return, and questions for Season 2


The first season of All Of Us Are Dumb ended on a pretty disillusioned and depressing (there’s no varied technique to position it) point to, but managed to pave the trend for Season 2.  In Episode 11, Cheong-san (Chan Young-yoon) is bitten by Gwi-Nam, who is neither a zombie or a human. In train to keep others from a looming zombie doom, he rushes into the arrangement constructing to present others time to interrupt out, and for one other fight with Gwi-Nam.

The militia bombs the college, and survivors barely own it outdoors. At the ruin of the episode, Cheong-san is viewed plunging into the fiery depths with Gwi-nam. Gash to Episode 12, we scrutinize On-ju’s badge that she had given to Cheong-san floating around within the depths of an elevator shaft with a large assortment of bodies. So, sorry americans, Cheong-san is de facto long gone.

In the closing episode, the surviving students are taken by the militia, and are quarantined. Now we own to expose goodbye to Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) as she is combating the bustle to eat them. Four months later, the quarantine suggestions are much less rigid and the students consult with their college—which is tremendous a ghost college now, as they’ve seen a campfire within the distance. On-ju is composed heartbroken about Cheong-san and Suhyeok misses Nam-ra. Nonetheless, they be taught that Nam-ra is the one who lit the fireplace, as she missed her company—a throwback to the time in some unspecified time in the future of the zombie meltdown, when all of them sat all over the fireplace and shared just a few sweet moments.

Nam-ra greets them with hugs and says that there are ‘more americans’ esteem her accessible, indicating the original breed that has been created. In the sequence, there had been fully around just a few who may perhaps perhaps well resist the zombie virus, and didn’t remodel into monsters, Gwi-nam and Nam-ra being just a few of them. They developed superhuman energy as an different. Nonetheless, whereas Gwi-nam chose bloodlust, Nam-ra fought her instincts.

Suddenly, she says, “They’re inspire”. She jumps over the balcony, surroundings the stage for a conceivable Season 2, that may perhaps perhaps well focal point on this original breed of zombies and humans. Fans composed hope that Cheong-san has survived the purge and will most definitely be inspire in Season 2, nevertheless it is miles extremely no longer going. There is a lot speculation that Season 2 will focal point on Nam-ra, though Netflix has no longer confirmed anything as but. The point to rose to #1 field on Netflix in numerous countries after its launch.

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