‘All of Us Are Dead’ Ending, Explained: What Was Jonas Virus? Who Were ‘Half-Bies’?


Netflix’s South Korean sequence, “All of Us Are Tiring,” is a compilation of all of the zombie apocalypse movies that now we contain already experienced. For the length of the initial episodes, it does in actual fact feel like this can contact the bar space by the finest movies within the vogue, which would possibly per chance well well additionally be World War Z (2013) and Stutter to Busan (2016). But on the pause of “All of Us Are Tiring,” one will get particular that it isn’t end to it and serves the same recipe that the Resident Wicked sequence repeats with each sequel or reboot. 

The only phenomenal theme that “All of Us Are Tiring” brings to the display cloak is its central warfare that gives with bullies and inferiority complexes. Whereas in generic zombie apocalypse titles, basically pharmaceutical firms create viruses to operate immense troopers to combat wars. On this Korean sequence, a scientist, Lee Byeong-chan, creates a lethal disease, the Jonas Virus (named after German logician Hans Jonas), to suppress the fears of his disturbed son, who is bullied in class and tries to commit suicide in build of battling wait on. Then all but again, a mother or father’s disaster ends in a zombie outbreak that infects Hyosan High College, and quickly the full town suffers from its aftermath.

The sequence hooks the viewer’s curiosity with the hope that there would possibly be the chance of an antidote that will place the population and defend watch over the pandemic. But is there in actual fact any cure for the zombie apocalypse? Or is all of it about taking pictures and nuking? Let’s fetch out.

‘All of Us Are Tiring’ Residence Summary

The display cloak opens with a flashback sequence when Lee Jin-su, son of science trainer Byeong-chan, is bullied by his fellow students on the terrace of a vacant constructing at night. When a bully named Yoon Gwi-nam attacks Jin-su, a lethal disease internal Jin-su’s physique reacts alongside with his worried system and turns him real into a zombie. Jin-su develops immense power and fights wait on when Gwi-nam pushes him off the terrace.

Byeong-chan visits his son within the clinic and witnesses the monster he has created via his experiment. To defend watch over the outbreak and redeem his sins, Byeong-chan attacks his son with a bible and wraps him in a suitcase to operate the physique go. Then all but again, Jin-su doesn’t die, and thus, Byeong-chan takes him home and chains him in his room.

A pair of days later, a pupil, Hyeon-ju, at Hyosan High College, sleeps all over the class and wakes up within the evening only to search out herself all by myself within the science lab. She hears a sound coming from a lined cage, and as she approaches, the fierce hamster bites her finger. The creature is evidently carrying a zombie virus, and as soon because it infects Hyeon-ju, Byeong-chan arrives there and locks up Hyeon-ju.

The sequence snappy jumps to its central characters: pupil Lee Cheong-san, her neighbor Nam On-jo, and their associates, who face the zombie outbreak in their college spread by Hyeon-ju. She escapes Byeong-chan’s captivity and then bites the infirmary doctor, who later infects all of the different students. Now, Byeong-chan is the one person that can per chance contain the spread of the virus, nonetheless he is arrested by a police officer, Jae-ik, and brought to the dwelling. Will Byeong-chan record the solution, or will he let each person die in discuss in self belief to real revenge on his son’s bullies?

Indispensable Spoilers Forward

Why Did Byeong-chan Form The Jonas Virus?

Bullies in class repeatedly attacked Lee Jin-su, nonetheless he tried to commit suicide in build of battling wait on. Concerned for his son’s existence, Byeong-chan complained to the administration about the bullies, nonetheless the predominant gave more significance to his college’s repute and evaluate and spared the bullies with a lenient warning. He even gratified Byeong-chan now not to tale the topic to the police. Then all but again, the attacks persisted, and Jin-su profitable wanted to vanish or die. Byeong-chan change into a helpless father who couldn’t change the system and thus determined to change his son as a substitute. 

Byeong-chan change into a pioneer in cell biology and studied the changes in hormones. In indubitably one of his movies, he explains that predators mainly attack the prey, nonetheless assuredly, the prey loses its sense of fear and attacks the predator. When this occurs, the creature’s testosterone stage is boosted. He extracted the same hormone from a hamster and genetically modified it to turn their fear into rage. Byeong-chan believed that this genetically modified virus would help Jin-su overcome his fear. Then all but again, it grew to change into him real into a monster who bit his own mother and grew to change into her real into a zombie too.

Byeong-chan tried pretty about a medication to contain the spread of the virus, nonetheless when he failed to cease it, he chained his son and wife within the house. Jin-su and his mother had been found by the Nationwide Intelligence Carrier (NIS) on the pause of ‘All of Us Are Tiring,’ who took them to a fetch facility to experiment on them, doubtlessly with the intention of constructing a military of immense-troopers and even a vaccine. Byeong-chan, on the different hand, change into bitten by a neighborhood of zombies who attacked the police dwelling and per chance would contain died within the explosion.

Credits: Netflix

What Became as soon as Jonas Virus?

Byeong-chan named his creation after the German logician, Hans Jonas, who discussed the odds of existence-connected technologies and human survival instincts. Much like his beliefs, the essence of the Jonas virus is its will to are dwelling. As soon because it enters the hosts’ physique, it begins attacking the oldschool cells to eat them. 

The virus’s will to survive is stronger than the host’s physique, and thus it begins drinking the physique, constructing a severe feeling of hunger that surpasses the hosts’ intelligence. The virus creates a fixed request for food and a sense of fear, which would possibly per chance well well additionally be why zombies attack the predators spherical them to eat, bite, or eat them. Then all but again, as soon as the predator change into contaminated with the virus and their physique temperature went beneath traditional, the zombies didn’t in actual fact feel the hazard anymore and moved on towards their subsequent heat-blooded goal.

Staring on the express of Byeong-chan’s wife and son, it shall be speculated that a persistent express of hunger can lead to the loss of life of hosts’ bodies, that will doubtlessly slay the cells of the virus as properly.

Why didn’t Choi Nam-ra, Min Eun-ji, and Yoon Gwi-nam, change into Zombies?

In indubitably one of his recorded footages, Byeong-chan explains a rare phenomenon the build about a white blood cells within the hosts’ bodies remained even after the Jonas Virus took over. These had been the mutated white blood cells that fused with the Jonas virus in discuss in self belief to adapt to the novel ecosystem created by it. The virus hid internal the RNA of the cells and remained dormant till the host’s physique change into subjected to any form of attack or fear that will activate its will to survive. In “All of Us Are Tiring,” these hosts had been form of hybrid zombies (or half of-bies, as named by Yang Dae-su).

Choi Nam-ra, Min Eun-ji, and Yoon Gwi-nam had been all half of-zombies who got immense-power, heightened hearing, and therapeutic skills from the Jonas Virus. Then all but again, they only grew to change into into monsters when the virus manifested itself all over an attack by a predator. Byeong-chan doubtlessly wanted to present identical powers to his son, nonetheless his son’s biological structure wasn’t stable ample to adapt to the virus, and he thus misplaced defend watch over of his physique.

Then all but again, Gwi-nam doubtlessly died within the explosion, and Eun-ji change into killed by the military. In Nam-ra’s case, despite the fact that she had the Jonas Virus running in her bloodstream, she had total defend watch over over her judgment of right and unsuitable. She only preyed on unnecessary of us or zombies to fulfill her hunger, thus surviving till the pause of the sequence. She is an epitome of a immense-soldier, and it is doubtlessly the storyline of this novel breed of zombies that shall be explored in Season 2 of “All of Us Are Tiring.”

Credits: Netflix

Who All Survived Within the Quit?

After the zombie outbreak in Hyosan metropolis, martial law change into imposed internal its borders. Under the roar of Seon-Moo, the military barricaded the borders, nonetheless when there change into nothing left to eat in Hyosan, the zombies broke into the neighboring metropolis of Yangdong. The NIC had already proposed to lengthen martial law, nonetheless they wanted a more concrete technique to the train. As a closing resort, Seon-Moo determined to bomb the metropolis to contain the spread.

The scientist had performed about a experiments on Eun-ji and deduced that the zombies replied most to a frequency of 24 kHz. Thus, with the help of sound-emitting drones, the military lured the zombies to four goal locations: the Hyosan intersection, the sports advanced, Hyosan excessive college, and Future College. Out of the 170,000 residents of Hyosan, 110,000 had been in pretty about a quarantine zones, and the final had been suspected to be contaminated. The army bombed the goal locations to terminate the contaminated residents to pause the zombie outbreak.

As soon as surviving students of Hyosan High College heard the evacuation warning, they left the college premises and moved into the woods. Then all but again, even after a large combat, only seven of them survived, whereas six of them reached the quarantine camp. Nam-ra, going via her identity disaster and real hunger, ran wait on to the metropolis and determined to live hidden.

These six survivors from the Hyosan excessive college had been, 

  • Nam On-jo, neighbor-cum-lover of Lee Cheong-san and daughter of firefighter Nam So-ju. 
  • Park Mi-jin, a senior in class
  • Jang Ha-ri, an archer and elder sister of Wu-jin
  • Lee Su-Hyeok, a adore curiosity of Nam-ra
  • Yang Dae-su, a end buddy of Wu-jin
  • Web tell positioning Hyo-Ryung, the girl with the crimson sleeveless sweater

‘All of Us Are Tiring’ Season 1: Ending Defined

Chief of Staff Seon-Moo took paunchy accountability for the bombing of Hyosan City and, in remorse, he shot himself. After his loss of life, the troopers went into the metropolis to terminate the final zombies and evacuate the survivors. They even inspected the contaminated characteristic and posted warnings primarily primarily based on its safety. The NIC raided Byeong-chan’s home to retrieve documents connected to his review and found his wife and son chained internal the premises. The person in price commanded his men to dangle and transport them to their secured lab for testing and experimentation.

Within the length in-between, the surviving students of Hyosan High College reached the quarantine middle whereas Nam-ra, the half of Zombie, went wait on to Hyosan City. The manager refused to listen to any pleas for the bombing of Hyosan City till the epidemic mission had been entirely resolved. Martial law change into eliminated after three months and 17 days, nonetheless as a precautionary measure, the residents of Hyosan remained within the quarantine middle till the pause of “All of Us Are Tiring.”

The of us generously donated to the survivors of Hyosan City, which would doubtlessly help the of us to resume their lives. Then all but again, they’d by no method be capable to neglect the scars left by their misplaced loved ones.

Nam On-jo created a memorial space initiating air the partitions of the quarantine middle to endure in mind the of us misplaced within the zombie attack. One night, she noticed a campfire on the terrace of her college and told Su-Hyeok that it would additionally honest be Nam-ra who lit it, as she as soon as pointed out that she loved sitting with them end to a campfire.

With out a 2nd thought, On-jo and Su-Hyeok determined to speed a long way flung from the quarantine middle at night to search out Nam-ra. Inevitably, the different four surviving students joined them too, and they at closing found Nam-ra on the terrace of their college. Nam-ra told them that there are pretty about a other asymptomatic half of-zombies in Hyosan who’re her novel household now.

For the length of “All of Us Are Tiring,” Nam-ra felt like an outcast and yearned for belonging. She suffered from an identity disaster, which most young of us fight via after they’re neither entirely grown-up nor entirely childhood. Then all but again, within the pause, she at closing celebrated the skin she change into in, and per chance that change into her greatest fulfillment as a person. She actually helpful On-jo and the others that she change into neither a human nor a monster, and this complexity made her in actual fact feel more humane. Nam-ra attained novel powers as a half of-zombie that helped her survive the abandoned Hyosan, and he or she had already celebrated this phenomenal ecosystem as her novel home.

Perhaps the 2nd season of “All of Us Are Tiring” will understand into these novel breeds of zombies extra and additionally explore the destiny of Byeong-chan’s wife and son, taken into custody by the NIC. And for the final survivors of Hyosan excessive college, they’re going to face the question of selecting a facet: whether or now not to guard half of-zombies like Nam-ra or record the idea to the military to pause the train for as soon as and for all.

“All of Us Are Tiring” is a drama television sequence primarily primarily based on the “Now at Our College” webtoon created by Joo Dong-geun. The sequence, written by Chun Sung-il, is streaming on Netflix.

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