‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Season 1: Characters, Explained


“All of Us Are Unnecessary” is a 2022 Korean Zombie Thriller series on Netflix. A excessive school professor’s failed strive to form his son stronger causes a zombie outbreak in Hyosan Excessive College, which spreads and gulps down the total town. This emotionally haunting survival legend of a community of chums reveals camaraderie and lethal perseverance to outlive. Let’s dig into the characters and perceive the role they played on this world tormented by zombies.

Lee Byeong Chan

Lee Byeong Chan is a science trainer at Hyosan Excessive College. He has a disquieted past. He holds a Ph.D. and labored at a pharmaceutical firm. After he modified into fired from the firm for an unknown reason, he ended up turning into a excessive school professor due to his connections. Byeong Chan modified into a genius, but his son typically obtained bullied at school and tried to execute himself. When Byeong Chan chanced on out about it, he tried to form his son stronger emotionally, but after seeing how former his son had change into, he created an endemic and injected it into his physique to form him stronger, both physically and mentally. His experiment failed, and his son modified into a zombie.

Byeong Chan modified into doing his research on hamsters within the college science lab. One of many college students by chance obtained bitten by the hamster, and the college grew to change into the ground zero of the zombie outbreak. Byeong Chan tried to ranking the antidote but couldn’t. He did what he did for the esteem of his son. He had turned defective against the realm that attempted to execute his son, but within the end, he sacrificed himself to attach a police officer whom he told relating to the laptop laptop the attach the total recordings of his experiments had been saved. Byeong Chan didn’t intend to trigger havoc, but his fatherly esteem induced it.

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Lee Cheong San

A large sprinter and a brave comrade, Lee Cheong San led his community of chums on their mission to flee. His mom has opened a brand original rooster restaurant and named it after him, much to his abominate. He modified into handiest chums with Nam On Jo and didn’t keep in mind that he had a crush on her except the day On Jo confessed to her crush. When he modified into trapped with his chums, he repeatedly took the initiative to operate hazardous tasks.

When Cheong San modified into separated from his community, he started a contention with Yoon Gwi Nam, who later grew to change into a half-bie. This contention ended with Cheong San having to pay with his lifestyles. He modified into a correct hero who chose to attach others’ lives earlier than his have. Even when he knew he modified into going to change into a zombie, he fought except his last moment to execute the zombies and fasten his chums. Fortunately, he obtained to admit to On Jo earlier than death. Had he not tousled with Gwi Nam, he might safe survived. But his fiery and mettlesome personality took his have lifestyles, but it in fact additionally saved the lives of his chums. He died, but as a hero.

Lee Su Hyeok

Lee Su Hyeok modified into the ex-member of a gang of excessive school bullies. He modified into athletic and professional at preventing, and had a large physique. He had left the community of bullies because he had matured and desired to put collectively the upright course. He accompanied Cheong San and additionally fought aspect-by-aspect with him. He grew to change into in fact some of the pillars their community might rely upon. Admire Cheong San, he modified into additionally ready to sacrifice himself.

He had a crush on the class topper, Choi Nam Ra, but belief she would never esteem an ex-bully and a unlucky academic esteem him. He defended and well-behaved Nam Ra except the very end, when she modified into a half-bie. Nam Ra had to bustle a long way off from him to attach him from herself. He encouraged Cheong San to admit his emotions to On Jo. He modified into a savior and a correct friend to all, and had better luck than Cheong San.

Nam On Jo

Nam On Jo modified into essentially the most straightforward child of her father and didn’t safe a mom. They both repeatedly had every assorted’s backs. On Jo modified into not upright at lecturers, but her father repeatedly told her to focal level on her successfully being more. On Jo and Cheong San had grown up collectively, and he modified into very precious to her. She repeatedly complained that Cheong San never listened to her and behaved recklessly. Even at some level of their ranking away mission, Cheong San didn’t hear to her in any appreciate.

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Her father modified into a firefighter, and she had learnt some emergency survival tactics from him. Her coaching helped lots in their ranking away mission. On each day foundation, she waited for her father to advance and fasten her, and he did advance after they wanted him essentially the most. She misplaced two of her most liked of us: her father and Cheong San.

Choi Nam Ra

Choi Nam Ra came from a rich family and modified into upright at lecturers. She didn’t safe any chums, not because she modified into proud of herself, but because her mom doted on her lots. Her mom controlled every aspect of her lifestyles. Nam Ra modified into the class president and a member of the broadcasting club because her mom made her operate it, not because she desired to.

Nam Ra modified into clever and grew to change into the mastermind of the community that deliberate the ranking away logically. She had a crush on Su Hyeok and, whereas saving him from Gwi Nam, obtained bitten by him. She did not, nonetheless, change into a zombie, but somewhat a half-bie, half-human, and half-zombie.She helped her chums to flee the usage of her heightened senses, but as her zombie instincts began to procure over, she ran away to attach their lives. She might safe turned defective and change into a monster, but she chose to be a hero. She lived to fight assorted half-bies esteem her who had modified into monsters.

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Yoon Gwi Nam

Yoon Gwi Nam modified into the bully who nearly made three college students execute themselves, collectively with Byeong Chan’s son. He modified into ruthless and would execute you if he might ranking away with it. He extinct somewhat a pair of assorted of us as shields to attach himself from the zombies, even of us that attempted to support him. He obtained into a fight with Cheong San after he caught him killing their predominant. Their fight ended with Gwi Nam getting bitten by the zombies, but to his shock, he didn’t change into a zombie but a half-bie.

He grew to change into noteworthy and no-one might beat him now, neither humans nor zombies. He grew to change into the monster that he repeatedly modified into internal. On the end, he chased Cheong San to ranking his revenge. Gwi Nam belief he would never die and change into the ruler of all, but he died when Cheong San dragged him into the fireplace with him. Our tips account for our actions. Nam Ra and Gwi Nam both grew to change into half-bies, but one grew to change into a hero and the quite plenty of a villain.

Nam So Ju

Nam So Ju modified into an ex-soldier and now labored as a firefighter to support civilians. When the zombie outbreak took place, he modified into caught with a baby-kisser and had to construct his accountability to safeguard them and support them ranking away to a accumulate place. He modified into anxious about his daughter and desired to circulate and fasten her, but he had to produce his accountability first. After saving the baby-kisser, he ran a long way off from the quarantine to ranking On Jo at her school. On his manner, he made an ranking away route thru the mountain fluctuate to 1 other city. He chanced on On Jo and her chums and outlined the ranking away path to them. He had to sacrifice himself within the end, but he modified into deliver because his daughter modified into accumulate and he had carried out his handiest.

Tune Jae Ik

Every other diligent civil servant esteem Nam So Ju, Tune Jae Ik, modified into the police officer who had arrested the trainer, Byeong Chan. Byeong Chan had told him the secret about his zombie virus experiment. Jae Ik had to attach the college or stay to mumble the story except any individual else knew relating to the secret. On his mission, he saved a dinky bit of one and an dinky one and kept them alongside with him whereas preventing the zombies. Had he not survived and told the secret to the navy, the outbreak might not safe stopped. Jae Ik additionally had a family, a spouse, and dinky kids, but he chose to attach the final public first, by risking his have lifestyles.

Jang Ha Ri

Jang Ha Ri modified into a senior in excessive school and an archery participant. She modified into speculated to qualify for the nationwide crew but misplaced within the preliminary spherical. When she came to varsity, she saw the chaos, and her first intuition modified into to circulate and fasten her younger brother. Though there modified into much less hope, she silent fought the zombies to attach her brother’s class to see if he modified into silent alive. She didn’t ranking him but persisted her fight for survival collectively alongside with her junior archery. She met her brother, Woo Jin, by chance when Cheong San’s community and her community crossed paths. She modified into a holding sister, but this time, Woo Jin well-behaved her from the zombies and sacrificed himself. Forward of death, he told her to retain on doing archery. Ha Ri modified into daring and mettlesome, but seeing her brother die made her feel esteem death as successfully, and she modified into ready to give herself to the zombies.

Park Mi Jin

Park Mi Jin modified into additionally a senior in excessive school, but she wasn’t upright at one thing else, either sports or lecturers. She modified into a rebellious child who had no direction in her lifestyles. She desired to be conscious in college but knew that she wouldn’t ranking in. On the opposite hand, she had not given up on lifestyles; she silent had the safe to are living. That’s why she grew to change into a large partner to Jang Ha Ri within the ranking away. She modified into as mettlesome as she modified into and additionally worn. Though she appeared stressful and arrogant on the skin, she had a form coronary heart. She regretted the moment she argued with Joon Younger because he misplaced his lifestyles due to it. She caught with everybody except the end.

Min Eun Ji

Min Eun Ji modified into bullied lots in excessive school by Gwi Nam and his gang. On the day of the zombie outbreak, she had gone on the college terrace to jump off of it. The varied pupil, who additionally obtained bullied alongside with her, tried to quit her, but what stopped her modified into seeing of us change into zombies upright in front of her eyes. She modified into jubilant to see the realm tumble apart. She hid in a accumulate place for more typically than not, but when she went to delete her naked video from Gwi Nam’s mobile telephone, she obtained bitten and grew to change into a half-bie. After realizing the superhuman that she had change into, she tried to burn down the college. She had no one to terror anymore. She modified into on her manner to turning into a monster esteem Gwi Nam but obtained caught by the navy.

“All Of Us Are Unnecessary” gave us a grotesque thriller with some characters value remembering. Some we hated and some we liked. On the side of being horrifying, the series modified into coronary heart-wrenching to be conscious as a pair of of our favourite characters died after they had been making ready to flee. Bravery and camaraderie can procure us a long manner. No one would safe survived within the event that they hadn’t chanced on every assorted.

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