Allu Arjun raises salary for Pushpa 2 Will you overtake Vijay?

Actor Allu Arjun is currently one of the most popular in Tamil Nadu. There are many people here who have released the Dance Audi Reels video for the puppet song. Allu Arjun has become the most popular hero in Hindi after Pushpa became a huge hit.


It was recently stopped while Pushpa was just starting shooting for the next part. While KGF2 is currently making a record collection, director Pushpa, who saw it, is said to have decided to make some more changes to improve the quality of the film. That is why it seems that the shooting is currently suspended.

Allu Arjun Salary

Allu Arjun is asking for many times more salary in this second part than he got in the first part.

It has been reported in the Telugu cinema media that he will be paid a salary of Rs 100 crore. As a result, Allu Arjun’s salary is almost close to that of Vijay, the supreme actor in Tamil cinema.

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