Aman Gupta says his wife scolds him about Shark Tank deals, Anupam Mittal tells Kapil Sharma ‘Apne pol khulwa di’


The judges of Shark Tank India featured on The Kapil Sharma Repeat honest recently. In an uncensored video of this episode, shared by the channel on YouTube, Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal joked about how Kapil Sharma exposed the lies that they’ve been telling their families about no longer investing their very respect money on the relate.

Aman Gupta, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of boAt, confirmed that the sharks score been inserting their very respect money on the companies that they make investments in on the relate. It is no longer the channel’s money. He also joked that his wife Priya Dagar has been questioning a few of the deals he strikes on the enterprise reality television assortment.

Talking in Hindi, he said, “Each time my wife is sad with any of the deals I even score made on Shark Tank, she comes home within the night time and asks me, ‘Is that this a part to use? Right here is what you spent your money on? I could well well score long gone wanting as a change, supplied a fresh gain, or fresh clothes… What became once the necessity to make investments on this firm?”

Adding to Aman’s narrate, Anupam Mittal, the founder and CEO of, joked that Kapil has long gone ahead and exposed their lies and now they’ll score to pay for it at home. He said, “You score space free our secret. We lied at home that Sony invested the money, and now our family knows that we lied, and now we’re in serious danger,” he said laughingly.

Kapil then poked fun at Sony TV and jokingly informed the sharks that the seven of them and himself ought to serene birth a fresh channel, all by themselves. They laughed and said that they would possibly well make investments in a fresh channel if Kapil would elevate out the relate for them. It could perchance be an ‘all-shark deal’.

Shark Tank India is in maintaining with the American relate that’s running efficiently for 13 seasons since 2009. The relate honest recently concluded its debut season, and made each and every of its seven ‘sharks’ family names.

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