Amazon is showing ads in Prime Video Shows as streaming services Evolve

Amazon has announced plans to run ads for Prime Video shows and movies starting in 2024. The company said it plans to run “significantly less advertising than linear television and other streaming TV providers,” Deadline reports.

Like all the major streaming services that have introduced ads (which are most at this point), Prime Video will offer an ad-free tier in the US for an additional $2.99/month. This would be in addition to the $14.99/month for customers paying for Amazon Prime or $8.99/month for customers subscribing to Prime Video only – the ad-supported tier is not discounted.

For those who want to see what the ads currently look like on Amazon, take a look at Thursday Night Football, which Amazon has had exclusive rights to since 2022. It’s like a normal football game, with a strange quirk: Amazon does not allow beer advertising .

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Amazon claims that ads on its non-sports content “will allow the company to continue to invest in content and increase these investments over time,” which is a kind of banana for a company that recorded sales of $ 514 billion last year.

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