With a freshly minted star on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity, Bob Odenkirk has actually been acknowledged not simply for his widely known title character, Saul Goodman, in Breaking Bad and its prequel series, Much Better Call Saul, however for his long and effective funny profession prior to his increase to the mainstream. As a highly-lauded, reputable, and fantastic comic and funny writer who’s been active considering that the late 1980s, Odenkirk sealed his comical genius in the nineties with credits varying from SNL to his extremely own sketch program along with David Cross (of Apprehended Advancement), the cult traditional HBO series, Mr. Program with Bob and David.

Odenkirk has actually composed, produced, and starred in a lot of shows for many years: it is definitely not extensive, however here are a few of Bob Odenkirk’s best funny series that brought him to prominence prior to his leading function in Much Better Call Saul and where to enjoy them.

‘Saturday Night Live’ (1987-1995)

As a platform for introducing the professions of numerous comics who are now home names, Odenkirk, too, is an alum of the long-running sketch program Saturday Night Live, which has actually gone on to significant success. From the late 1980s to the early 90s, he was a personnel writer on SNL who composed along with veterans Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel.

A timeless sketch that Odenkirk was accountable for throughout his time at SNL was the wonderfully unusual and much-loved act starring the late comic genius that is Chris Farley as rowdy inspirational speaker Matt Foley. In an interview with Collider, Odenkirk states composing for and dealing with Farley “was the greatest joy in show business” and an experience he treasures.

Called after among Farley’s university buddies, Matt Foley was presented to audiences while Odenkirk and Farley were members of The Second City improvisational funny performers. The character displays a few of Farley’s traditional physical funny knowledge while talking to stubborn teenagers, cautioning them to remain on the straight and narrow lest they wind up living the rest of their lives in a “van down by the river.”

Watch Odenkirk’s Seasons 13-20 of Saturday Night Live on Peacock.


‘The Ben Stiller Show’ (1992-1995)

The Ben Stiller Program is a funny sketch series that FOX canceled prior to its time. Starring Ben Stiller and an ensemble cast consisting of Andy Cock, Janeane Garofalo, and Odenkirk, The Ben Stiller Program likewise went on to win a post-cancellation Emmy Award for Composing. The composing group consisted of the similarity Judd Apatow and Odenkirk’s future funny partner, David Cross.

Among Odenkirk’s most noteworthy sketches from the program was “Manson,” a parody of the 1954 series Lassie. In the initial, a Rough Collie pet called Lassie is a devoted buddy who does the difficult by constantly amazingly assisting her household out of jams. Odenkirk plays Charles Manson, who serves the exact same function as Lassie in the sketch, while likewise in some way interacting to “mom” and “dad” that young “Timmy” remains in difficulty after being bitten by a dangerous snake, ultimately conserving the day. The sketch is a humorous satire of old and brand-new (at the time) American television watching practices, incorporating Mansons prices estimate from his many jail interviews that controlled journalism.

You can purchase all 13 episodes of The Ben Stiller Program on Amazon, Vudu, or Google Play.

‘Mr. Show with Bob and David’ (1995-1998)

While The Ben Stiller Program highlights Odenkirk’s comical skills, Mr. Program is where he shines. Mr. Program joins Odenkirk with Cross in what would be a long and productive relationship and collaboration. Influenced by the connection of one sketch encountering another from the traditional British sketch program Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Mr. Program follows the exact same format, both stylistically and tonally. The ordinary is made amazing, and a satirical take of those no-go supper subjects of faith and politics is carried out perfectly.

Odenkirk’s command of the f-word is incredibly on screen here, especially in the “Swear to God with Reverend Winton Dupree” sketch, a parody of televangelism, where he plays a preacher who swears greatly throughout his preachings. Another withstanding character is Senator Howell Tankerbell, a Dixiecrat from Georgia who relates a federal government Arts Financing problem to an unclean joke of a farmer and a greedy taking a trip salesperson. Tankerbell has tones of his North Carolina Republican Politician Senator Edmund Warring character from The Ben Stiller Program however hyperbolized, much to the pleasure of Odenkirk fans. Surprisingly enough, both face their undoing at the hands of a puppet and marionette.

You can enjoy it on Tubi and on HBO Max with a membership.

‘Seinfeld’ (1996)

In the ninth episode of Season 8 of the hit comedy Seinfeld, Odenkirk plays Ben, among the eventually doomed love interests of Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of Veep), a foible the primary characters of Seinfeld share throughout the series. Elaine has actually started dating Ben on the property that he is a medical professional and the expected status that features that.

Regrettably, “Dr. Ben” is still a medical trainee who has yet to pass his licensing examination. Elaine promises to assist Ben pass the examination on the condition they avoid making love up until he passes. When he lastly ends up being a medical professional, Elaine fails on her face as Ben chooses to discard her for “someone better” since “that’s the dream of becoming a doctor.” Odenkirk nails both the apathetic and oafish Ben and the egotist Elaine assists develop. Its among the standout one-episode arcs on a Larry David funny series.

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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ (2000)

The other extraordinary look Odenkirk makes on a Larry David funny series is as “Porno Gil” on Season 1, Episode 3 of HBO’s Suppress Your Interest. As his name recommends, Gil is an adult movie star, residing in the lap of high-end from his success, who welcomes Larry (Larry David) and his better half, Cheryl (Cheryl Hines), over for supper.

Larry mistakenly calls the incorrect number, Gil’s, which was provided to him while they were both playing golf. In normal Curb style, a series of synthetic pas by Larry towards Gil’s better half ends in catastrophe. Odenkirk masterfully represents Gil as a devoted other half and skilled host and a little bit of a sleazy man, particularly when he welcomes Cheryl and shares a tale from among his tasks, much to the noticeable disgust of Larry and Cheryl.

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‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’ (2007-2013)

In a current interview with Odenkirk on Tim Heidecker’s “Office Hours” podcast, Heidecker sings Odenkirk’s applauds, crediting him for promoting his and funny partner, Eric Wareheim’s entry into comical folklore. The duo calls Odenkirk “The Godfather” for the assistance and knowledge he showed them in developing their launching iconic Grownup Swim funny series, the animated Tom Goes to the Mayor, however likewise their breakout hit, Tim and Eric Awesome Program, Great Task!

Although Odenkirk is modest about it, his impact on Tim and Eric appears from the beginning, with the opening titles of each episode consisting of Odenkirk as the commentator, stating “Great Job!” from the title. Odenkirk was likewise an innovative expert writer on the program. Tim and Erics surreal and unreasonable sketches are a call back to Monty Python and Mr. Program, however the young boys make it their own and consist of Odenkirk in the enjoyable.

It’s tough to limit Odenkirk’s best bits, however those with trademarked Tim and Eric toilet humor are amongst a few of the most laugh-out-loud. Capture the charming Odenkirk marketing the “E-Z Kreme Diarrhea Inducer” (yes, actually), and, with an affable British accent, as Dr. Sandy Winfield, a “Professional Starchologist,” the “Eez-Zee Stool Strips,” for screening starch in your defecation (yes, you read it best).

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