An actor who wants to raise Selvaragavan like his brother .. Kodambakkam who opened his mouth

The main reason for this asura growth of Dhanush is his brother Selvara. He has directed and won with his brother Dhanusha in many films like Tulluvatho Ilamai, Puthuppettai, Mayakkam Enna.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Dhanush is currently starring in Bollywood and Hollywood films. Currently, Selvaragavan and Dhanush are teaming up to make a film titled ‘Nane Varuven’. Also Selvaragavan is currently incarnated as an actor.

Selvaragavan played the lead role in Vijay’s Beast. Following this, Sanikagitham played the lead role in the film. Currently, a famous actor is seeking Selvaragavan. This has caused a great deal of controversy in the film industry.

Silver Jubilee Man Mike Mohan has just met Selvaraja. Mohan has returned to cinema after a long hiatus. Almost 15 years later he has made a re-entry as the protagonist in the film Hara.

Recently, the news spread on the internet that Mohan is playing the role of Vijay’s brother in the film Commander 66. But Mohan denied that. Mohan has said that he can meet Selvaragavan now and make a film.

Selvaraja is also said to have agreed to it. And Selvaragavan is going to prepare the story for this soon. Thus Mohan is expected to make a comeback in Tamil cinema among his fans.

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