Anantham ZEE5 Original Series Press Meet!

G5 platform in the world of Tamil Internet ODT, continues to provide fans with many great works. The G5 original “Anantham” ZEE5 Original Series, the site’s next creation, will be released exclusively on the G5 site on April 22, 2022.

Directed by Priya V, who directed the hit films ‘Kanda Naal Mutha’ and ‘Kannamoochi Anada’, starring actor Prakashraj, the eight-episode ZEE5 original series “Anantham.”

The series stars Prakashraj in the lead role and co-stars Arvind Sunder, Sampath, Vivek Prasanna, Vinod Kishan, and John Vijay, Vivek Rajgopal, Indraja, Samyukta, Anjali Rao and Mirna Menon.

Anantham ZEE5 Original Series Press Conference was held in the presence of friends of the press, to attend the film crew.

Director Priya V spoke.

See you after a very long break from ending the exile. Thank you both Murali Sir and Kaushik. I started this with a little bit of hope as it was in the first movie the day I saw it. Everyone has worked with the same confidence in this. Prakash Raj Sara has an important place in my life; Who gave me the opportunity. No one can do this role except him. John Vijay and Sampath have all acted brilliantly. There will be a separate story in each of the eight chapters, while there will be a hyperlink to the background. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Ilayaraja Sara we have dedicated a series to his music. All of you will love this original series. Thanks.

Kaushik Narasimhan speaks on behalf of G5

Hello media friends, we usually meet you every month with new series. This is a truly innovative ZEE5 original series. You will really feel it when you watch the series. The story of a trip to the top of a house where many memories are buried. It was very interesting when asked. We have been working and creating for a year. Hope you like it. Thanks.

Siju Prabhakaran speaks on behalf of G5

When we first started this we decided not to do ontology, but it was an ontology, a story that takes place over a house. The story Priya told was very emotional. Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go. This original series consists of eight episodes. We hope the Tamil fans like it very much. Thanks.

V. Murali Raman speaks on behalf of Happy Unicorn

Teamwork is always said to be a success and it has been proven in this series. It is in your hands to succeed further. We liked the story when Priya first told it. As soon as he said that, Kaushik told him to start. The G5 was the biggest collaborator in the series. 1964 – 2015 The story of a house. We wandered to many places for a walk in the house and finally took the series by doing small chores at Achi House. The role of the art director in this series is very important. Surya has done very well. Cinematographer Bhagat was a huge force. The whole team has worked with tremendous dedication. In eight chapters we have given you the innovative music of Bharatiyar songs that you have already heard. Actor Prakash Raj believed in director Priya and immediately agreed to act. Starring over 80 actors. Thank you for their hard work. We hope you like this original series. Thanks.

Cinematographer Bhagat speaks.

This is my first original series. Thank you both Sir Murali Madam for putting their trust in me. The original series is very convenient to travel a lot within a story, as Madame Priya has done beautifully like a great full length movie. The technical artists have all worked very well. G5, which has reached the biggest place in Tamil, is happy to release this series. Thanks to everyone.

Composer AS Ram speaks

I am here by Murali Raman Sir Priya Madam, thank you both. The encouragement from the G5 was huge. Working in this series is just like paying for eating cane. Thanks to my team. Thank you for watching the series and telling us your vision.

Actor Vivek Prasanna speaks ..

Darkness is low light, said Bharathi. If there is infinity there will be a hope. That’s what this infinity house says. Anantham will be your all time favorite trip. Thanks.

Produced by V. Murali Raman on behalf of Happy Unicorn, director Priya V has done many works in the Anantham original series. With screenplay, writing and subtitles, director Priya V. has a knack for telling a seamless story throughout eight episodes.

Screenplay – Priya V, Raghav Mirtad, Preetha Jayaraman & Reema Ravichandran | Author – Priya V | Verses – Priya V & Raghav Mirtad | Cinematography – Bhagat | Product Designer – Surya Rajeevan | Music – AS Ram | Editor – Satish Surya

As for the original series, the G5 is the main choice of ODT viewers. The stories from ‘Animal’ to ‘From You to the End You’ have been well-received worldwide, with Ajith’s strength film G5 reaching 500 million streaming minutes within a week of its release, setting a global blockbuster record. The film was released in Tamil / Telugu / Kannada / Hindi and Malayalam. With over 3,500 movies, 500+ TV shows, 4,000+ music videos, 35+ theater plays and 90+ live TV channels in 12 languages, the G5 offers unparalleled content to its viewers worldwide. Now, the G5 annual subscription is Rs. Available at special prices. 599 / – only!

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