Andrea is under extreme pressure on Mishkin .. Can you do the same with the existing ones ..?

Andrea has consistently starred in similar characters since playing the ghost in the palace film. The teaser of the much-anticipated Devil 2 movie has just been released.

From the very beginning of the film, the film crew created unanimous expectations among the fans. It was rumored that Andrea’s character would be much talked about and that she would be seen in a nude scene for 15 minutes in the film.

So many fans were eagerly waiting for updates and teasers about this movie. But it was disappointing with the Devil 2 movie teaser. Just days before the teaser was released, social media was buzzing.

But after the release of the teaser all that interest has become an inflated balloon. Fans who expected Andrea to be a threat are now articulating to him that watching this teaser is comedic. And many people are teasing that his make-up is like a ghost doll.

Andrea has been taking risks in many daring scenes to gain recognition for herself in cinema for many years. But the place for him alone is not yet available. So he was very much looking forward to this film.

Andrea director Miskin, who is currently seen teasing fans, is under extreme pressure. Because he has acted in many challenging scenes in the film. But he is upset that his friends have become so artistic without showing it all.

And do not decide to keep the teaser. My acting will definitely be talked about after the film is released. He has been coping with his friends that the director did not show it in the teaser just because some scenes have to be suspenseful.

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