Andrea, who was scared and refused, was the director who forced her to act completely naked at that time

She made her debut as a singer and is currently crawling as an actress with her talent. She has proved to be a great actress through films like One in a Thousand, Mankatha and Viswaroopam. He still chooses a different story and plays it.

In this case, the devil was released in 2014 as a horror film directed by Miskin. The film was well received by the fans. Thus Miskin landed in an attempt to direct the second part of the film. Devil 2 stars Vijay Sethupathi, Andrea and many more.

The news that Andrea is starring nude in the movie Devil 2 has taken many by surprise. In this case, Andrea was interviewed about working on the film. I was without any photo opportunities for almost a year due to the corona spread.

Then I got the chance to star in Devil 2. Then the director of the film Mishkin told the story. The director also said that he would have to act without clothes for 15 minutes in the film. Andrea said I initially denied this.

But they forced me. Andrea says I agreed because there was no other way because the story was so good. He said that Andrea is playing a different role in the film and that people will definitely like it.

Andrea Vetrimaran had already acted nude in the movie Vadachennai which was released in the direction. Whatever Andrea has in mind is to act anyway if the story is stressful. Also the teaser of the movie Devil 2 is coming out on April 29th.

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