Animations dominate the list of the most watched movies via streaming in 2022

Animations dominate the list of the most watched movies via streaming in 2022

Despite the big cinema releases between 2020 and 2022, many forget how important and beloved animations are. With the closure of cinemas as a result of the pandemic, the film industry has increasingly intensified interest in profits from viewers of streaming platforms.

Data regarding the audience of the platforms began to emerge, bringing very interesting numbers. In them, we see the rise of animations among the most watched productions on streaming. According to a survey carried out by Nielsen , a company that records audiences in the United States. When analyzing streaming data in 2022, they revealed the following list of the most watched movies in 2022:

In it, we observe that more than half of the 15 films with the highest audience in streaming in the United States correspond to animation productions. Disney+ dominated the top with the hit Encanto . The Madrigal Family Story had 27 billion minutes streamed last year, more than double that of second-place Red: Growing Up Is a Beast , with over 11.4 billion minutes.

To get away from Disney dominance a little, third place almost tied with Red. Streamed on Netflix, Sing 2 has garnered over 11.3 billion minutes watched. After that, Mickey Mouse House continues to dominate the Top 15 with classic films like Frozen, Moana, Zootopia, VIVA, Luca and others.

That is, there are a lot of children watching the looping animations. Of course, adults also have their share of “guilt” in successes. Just myself, watched Encanto four times (in different languages).

Will the ranking change in 2023?


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