14 Anime You Must Watch if You Love High School DxD

14 Anime You Must Watch if You Love High School DxD
14 Anime You Must Watch if You Love High School DxD
14 Anime You Must Watch if You Love High School DxD

14 Anime You Must Watch if You Love High School DxD

‘High School DxD’ is one of the most popular ecchi, harem anime. It has a supernatural theme and likewise consists of loads of action. The anime has generated an enormous fan-base and is sort of entertaining. It’s a few high school student by the title of Issei Hyoudou, who finally ends up being killed by a fallen angel solely to be reincarnated as a satan by one in all his seniors named Rias Gremory. In case you beloved watching the anime and are on the lookout for one thing tonally and stylistically much like this one, then you have got come to the proper place. Here’s the listing of greatest anime much like ‘High School DxD’ which are our suggestions. You may watch a number of of those anime like ‘High School DxD’ on Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu.


Did you encounter this listing whereas trying to find ecchi anime with lots of action? Then you definately might wish to try ‘Freezing’. It’s enjoyable, ecchi, and has a harem theme. The anime takes place sooner or later the place an alien race by the title of Novas frequently invade and assault the Earth, forsaking destruction. Humans attempt to battle them off and the clashes between them are often called Nova Clashes. To battle the Novas, Girls and men are implanted with stigmata which give them with supernatural skills to battle off the aliens. The Girls are often called Pandoras whereas the lads are their Limiters. Kazuya Aoi, the male protagonist of the anime, enters into the coaching academy. He errors Satellizer el Bridget as his sister and embraces her. Bridget is a strong Pandora and has the nickname of the untouchable queen. She learns that her contact doesn’t drive away Kazuya and so she decides to take him on as her limiter.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Do the names Jubei Yagyu, Sen Tokugawa, Kanetsugu Naoe, Hanzo Hattori, Matabei Goto, and Yukimura Sanada sound acquainted to you? In case you love the Japanese samurai tradition or are a fan of shinobi-themed literature, then you definitely might know these names. These have been among the famous warriors from Japanese historical past. but in the anime ‘Hyakkan Ryouran: Samurai Girls’, these warriors are females sporting questionable quantities of clothes. Additionally, on this world, the Tokugawa Shogunate stays in energy and these feminine warriors are despatched to Buou Academic School, the place they practice themselves to change into highly effective and enhance their abilities. Muneakira Yagyu, the grasp of the Yagyu dojo, is the one one able to taking these girls to the following degree. He unlocks the potential of Jubei with a kiss and remainder of the girls too set their sight on attaining the ability. Along with their grasp, they have to insurgent towards the oppressive student’s council.

high school of The Dead

Let’s kickstart the listing with an ecchi anime set in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world. This anime is admittedly entertaining and I don’t know why so many people say in any other case. Sure, it won’t be as severe as other anime but it will get all ecchi elements of it proper. The story is nice and it’s simply unhappy that there isn’t any second instalment to the series. Out of the blue, the Dead start to stroll and Japan faces an awesome calamity. Takashi Kimuro, the protagonist of the anime, faces the horrors of the apocalypse first-hand when he has to kill his buddy who will get bitten by a zombie. He vows to guard the girlfriend of the person he simply killed and joins palms with other survivors from his School to dwell by way of the apocalypse.

Campione!: Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou

Up subsequent we’ve ‘Campione!: Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou’. It’s once more an ecchi, harem anime with lots of action and a supernatural theme. The series is sort of enjoyable and has some actually ecchi moments but they aren’t as intense as ‘high school DxD’. The series has a complete of 13 episodes with every episode being 24 minutes in size. Kusanagi Godou is the protagonist of the anime; he’s 16 years previous and performs Mortal Combat. His life all of the sudden modifications after he defeats the God of Warfare in the Mortal Combat. Now he has change into a Campione or God Slayer and Must battle Heretical Gods who muscle into locations they shouldn’t be. Godou all of the sudden finds himself being the focal point for a lot of fairly beauties who wish to worship him. but evidently a few of them might need another agenda as nicely.

Rosario to Vampire

‘Rosario to Vampire’ is an ecchi, harem anime with a supernatural theme. It’s a enjoyable little anime which takes place in a high school setting. There’s a complete of 13 episodes, with every episode being 25 minutes in size. The anime takes place in an academy by the title of Youkai Academy. Because the title suggests, the place will not be for Humans, slightly it’s a place the place monsters examine in human type to learn to coexist with Humans. The academy teaches regular topics like science, maths, and so forth. Tsukune Aono, the protagonist of the anime, will not be a vivid student and his marks couldn’t get him into any high school. His dad and mom are determined and unknowingly enroll him on the Youkai Academy. By the way in which, there’s a rule in the academy that claims that any Humans discovered contained in the campus are to be executed instantly. Tsukune encounters the gorgeous Moka Akashiya and regardless of the hazards, decides to stay round to additional his relationship along with her. but what he doesn’t know is that Moka is a vampire!

Shinmai Maou no Testament

‘Shinmai Maou no Testament’ has lots of ecchi and fanservice moments and if you’re a fan of anime boob physics, then you’ll absolutely love this one. The anime has a complete of 12 episodes with every episode being round 23 minutes in size. You also needs to try the OVA for extra enjoyable. Basara Toujo’s dad surprises him by all of the sudden remarrying. Now, Basara has two new step-sisters. His dad later leaves him together with his two sisters as he has to go away instantly for his job. Later, Basara realizes that his sisters are literally demons and sadly, he belongs to the hero clan which opposes demons. but he decides to maintain the promise he made to his father by defending his sisters. One of many sisters is Mio, who’s the daughter of the previous demon lord, whereas the opposite sister is Maria, her servant. Maria finally ends up tweaking a master-servant pact between Mio and Basara and makes the latter the grasp of Mio. Imagine me, that was essential for some nice ecchi moments.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

Nicely, this listing goes to have loads of ecchi, harem anime which have supernatural themes and plenty of action. And this subsequent entry, too, follows the identical standards. ‘Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?’ is a weirdly funny and entertaining anime. It has a complete of 12 episodes with every episode being 24 minutes in size. Ayumu Aikawa, the protagonist of the anime, is strolling house one night time. Sadly, he encounters a serial killer on the way in which who kills him. but that’s not all since as quickly as he dies, he comes again to life, due to the necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. There’s one catch although — he’s now a zombie! Issues change into weirder when he unintentionally steals the garments of a magical lady, Haruna, and will get all her powers. Haruna then orders him to person her powers to battle the evil creatures by the title of Megalo till they’re able to discover a resolution to their predicament. Sure, now Ayumu has to cross-dress as a magical lady to battle the evil creatures.

Seikon no Qwaser

‘Seikon no Qwaser’ has some ecchi stuff but has a extra severe undertone than the opposite anime on the listing. It takes place in St. Mihailov Academy, the place a series of murders have taken place. All of the victims are lovely, younger Girls. Who would be the subsequent prey of this monster? Extra importantly, who is that this monster?

Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe are adopted sisters whose classmates harass them. On their approach house, they encounter an injured man. The sisters determine to carry him again to their place and have a tendency to him. That very night time, Mafuyu finds herself nose to nose with the serial killer. but he doesn’t kill her, slightly calls for from her one thing that her father left behind. Fortunately, the person she saves earlier involves her rescue and prevents her from changing into the following sufferer of the killer. Seems that the person’s title is Sasha and he’s a Qwaser who has the flexibility to manage chemical components. but he can achieve this by taking in Soma, which one can discover in a girl’s breast (Look, one thing needed to be ecchi!). He controls iron, creates a scythe and slays the serial killer.


‘Sekirei’ is one other well-liked ecchi, harem anime that includes lots of hot feminine characters and a few nice action. Minato Sahashi, the protagonist of the anime, struggles in teachers and fails his school entrance exams for the second time. Consequently, people contemplate him a failure. but all hope will not be Lost as a good looking and horny lady by the title of Musubi comes into his life actually from the sky. Her title is Musubi and she or he is a Sekirei. Sekirei is the title for extraterrestrial humanoid creatures having particular skills. They’re stated to return to Earth and kiss Humans possessing the Ashikabi gene and unlock their internal potential. She kisses Minato and thus, a bond is fashioned between the 2, which drags them into the harmful world of a battle between related pairs. Seems, issues are far more severe than it appeared initially.

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō

‘Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao’ is an ecchi, harem anime. Like ‘high school DxD’, it takes place in a high school setting and has a supernatural theme. The series has some nice ecchi moments and there’s lots of fanservice. The series has a complete of 12 episodes with every episode being 23 minutes in size. Akuto Sai, the protagonist of the anime, is sweet at coronary heart and hopes to vary the world for good. His beginning step is to enroll in the Fixed Magic Academy. On the way in which, he meets a ninja by the title of Junko Hattori. Each of them share related views and thus change into pals. but destiny has one thing else deliberate for Akuto, as in the academy, he finds out that he’s the prophesied demon king. Consequently, the scholars, together with Junko, ostracize him. but Akuto is bent on proving the prophecy flawed as he retains working diligently in direction of his authentic objective. There is likely to be one plus level, although, as he finds himself surrounded by beauties who wish to present him their affection.

To Love-Ru

‘To Love-Ru’ is one of the most popular ecchi, harem anime. It’s actually funny and intensely entertaining on so many ranges. It additionally has a sci-fi theme, although there isn’t any action. Rito Yuuki is a 16-year-old boy. He’s a high school student and has a crush on a lady by the title of Haruna Sairenji. He has had this crush since his childhood but is but to admit it to her. but issues get sophisticated when a unadorned lady crash-lands in his lavatory when he’s taking a shower. The lady is Lala Satalin Deviluke; she is the crown princess of an alien race and escapes her house planet to keep away from a political marriage. To additional her needs, she goes so far as to suggest to the odd Rito. Because the story progresses, Rito finds himself surrounded by beauties swooning over him, as his relationship with Haruna complicates. The anime has a complete of 26 episodes with every episode being 24 minutes in size.

Masou Gakuen HxH

‘Masou Gakuen HxH’ is an ecchi, harem anime which has a magic theme. It’s type of foolish in the event you contemplate the character growth and the plot but if you’re seeking to go your time watching some fanservice anime, then you’ll undoubtedly get pleasure from it. The anime has a complete of 12 episodes with every episode being 24 minutes in size. Hida Kizuna, the protagonist of the anime, possesses the Coronary heart Hybrid Gear means. but regardless that his means will not be sturdy sufficient to make him particular, his sister is bent on sending him to strategic protection School, the place students possessing the Coronary heart Hybrid Gear means battle off invaders. Many of the students are horny, voluptuous girls sporting skimpy outfits. Although Hida’s combating skills aren’t on par with the others in the School, his sister has another plans: apparently, the girls having erotic moments with him will result in them gaining energy and replenishing their vitality.

Trinity Seven

‘Trinity Seven’ is a well-liked ecchi, harem anime; it has the theme of magic. Arata Kasuga, the protagonist, lives in a city. Sooner or later, the solar stops shining and thus, the Breakdown Phenomenon happens, destroying his complete city. but his city will get artificially recreated through magic, due to the magical grimoire he has, which was a gift from his childhood buddy and cousin Hijiri Kasuga. Lilith Asami is a magical person; she is distributed to analyze this phenomenon and finds Arata in his synthetic world. She breaks his world and supplies him with two choices: he Must hand over the grimoire or he’ll die. Arata finally ends up selecting an alternative choice whereby he enrolls into the magic academy to coach and change into highly effective. Lilith Asami is a student of the academy and is one of the seven magical customers who await Arata’s arrival. Collectively, they have to try to save his city and his buddy, Hijiri.

Heaven’s Lost Property

You probably have been eager to see horny angels sporting skimpy outfits, then go for ‘Heaven’s Lost Property’. The anime has a complete of 13 episodes with every episode being 24 minutes in size. Tomoki Sakurai is the protagonist of the anime. Since his childhood, Tomoki has been having unusual goals of an angel and after waking up, he’s all the time in tears. Sohara Mitsuki is his childhood buddy; she worries about Tomoki lots resulting from his unusual goals. She decides to discover a approach to assist him out and talks to sky maniac Eishirou Sugata. Eishirou is immediately capable of inform that the issue Tomoki is going through is expounded to the unknown anomaly that the scientists have noticed in the sky. This anomaly is one thing the scientists dub New World. Eishirou recruits them to his club and invitations them to watch the anomaly. On the identical day, a lady actually falls from the sky into Tomoki’s life and begins calling him grasp. The anime revolves round these unusual Angeloids and the New World.

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