Anime Preview “Born In This Life, I Must Be A God Season 2” EP.9 : Beauty Under the Mask

Watch Anime Online Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Born This Nation I Must Be God Season 2 Episode 9 White Mask We are approaching the final arc of the first part. Rudius continues to research the Figor Warp disaster. Fitz’s relationship is irregular when they discuss together and find out the cause. Ramp up the fun with new special students appearing now. Check out new episodes every Sunday around 10:05 p.m.

Story in episode 9 Rudius Grayrat He investigated the evacuation of the Warp disaster, which involved the older districts of Fitz and Fitor, and realized that the move resembled an incantation. Rudius then goes to the Silent Seven Star Special Student, she is a student who specializes in summoning at Lano Magic School. The goal is to inquire about the knowledge of the incantation, but what is their true self under their mask?

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