Anirudh who got Rajini in trouble with Idiyappa .. Sketch for the leader!

Superstar Rajinikanth is in full swing to select directors to star in his next film. That means the official announcement that Nelson will be starring in the motion picture, already being produced by Sun Pictures.

According to cinema sources, Doctor has given this opportunity to superstar Rajini to keep the film. Thus, Sun Pictures has shown a special scene of the movie Beast to Rajinikanth. Rajini is very upset after watching the movie. When I went to him and asked how the picture was, he replied mockingly, ‘The ice cream I was given in between was good.’

After clear thinking, Nelson told Sun Pictures not to direct the next film. Thus Sun Pictures is currently asking 2 directors Aadli and Desingu Periyasamy to listen to the stories and pick someone.

The news that Anirudh is the main reason for such a change in Idiyappa issue has now come out. That means Anirudh is reading about Nelson to Rajini’s daughter Aishwarya and Soundarya. That means Nelson is a close friend so somehow the leader thinks he might get a chance rather than drive the film.

So they went to Dad and stuffed this thing in Rajini’s skull. This is how Rajini admits to Nelson, but now he has turned his head after watching the review of the film Beast. Anirudh says Rajini is in big trouble because of this and the Kollywood community is waiting to see who will be the director for the next film.

As far as Rajini is concerned, he does not find directors who have failed. Whoever it is, the KS Ravikumar Rajini Alliance has been giving a lot of hit films. He finally refuses to listen even today with the film Linga. It’s hard to make a film after Nelson’s failure.

To this day, Rajini is the only filmmaker in the film industry. This is the first time in Rajinikanth’s cinematic career that the director has decided to change before the film starts. The reason for this is that Rajini has come to fear that his family will fail in his cinematic career.

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