Any movie runs well! Beast VS KGF 2 – The movie star who told the truth ..

Beast VS KGF 2

Commander Vijay’s Beast movie was released recently with great anticipation. But since its release, the film has received mixed reviews.

Thus the collections of the Beast film are in sharp decline. It is rumored that the Beast movie will hit the theaters in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the release of KGF 2 has been well received across Tamil Nadu. KGF 2 has received rave reviews for its dubbing of Vijay.

Increase in theaters

Leading cinema personality Tirupur Subramanian is currently talking about the status of these two films.

He said: “The theaters have already signed a contract for the Beast movie, which will last for a week.

KGF 2 has already been allocated 350 theaters. Now more scenes have been added. ”

Vijay calls Nelson after watching Beast Negative Review! Said like this

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