Aoi Yuuki Has the best Vocal Range Out Of All Voice Actors

Aoi Yuuki Has the best Vocal Range Out Of All Voice Actors
Aoi Yuuki Has the best Vocal Range Out Of All Voice Actors

Aoi Yuuki has actually voiced a plentiful amount of characters who sound nothing alike. From Komachi in Oregairu to Tsuyu in MHA, her vocal range is the very best.

Many distinctly articulated anime personalities have actually been portrayed by Japanese voice actress Aoi Yuuki. She won Most Popular Voice Actor of the Year in 2021’s 43rd Anime Grand Prix, Best Voice Actress in 2020, at the 6th Anime Trending Awards, and Best Voice Actress in 2018, at the 4th Anime Trending Awards.

When she had her initial anime role as Sakura in Kino’s Journey (2003 ), the talented Aoi Yuuki has been in the entertainment market voicing anime personalities given that 2003. Since then, she’s voiced several distinct seeming characters that appear absolutely nothing like her previous duties, this is why she’s the most effective voice starlet when it pertains to singing variety.

Mami Nanami In Rent-a-Girlfriend

Aoi Yuuki is incredibly fantastic at switching voices when it comes to her characters. Mami talks frequently utilizing the foxy, unsociable innocent voice when talking to Kazuya Kinoshita.

Tsuyu Asui In My Hero Academia

Aoi Yuuki voices Tsuyu Asui in My Hero Academia. Tsuyu potentially has the most unique voice in the entire anime market due to the croaky frog-sounding voice that the gifted Aoi Yuuki makes use of. Even in the scene above, Aoi Yuuki is able to naturally use this one-of-a-kind croaky voice to authentically imitate weeping.

Boogiepop and also Touka Miyashita In Boogiepop and Others

In the emotional scary collection Boogiepop and Others, Aoi Yuuki voices both Boogiepop as well as Touka Miyashita. In the program, Boogiepop is a mythological tale or possible alternative personality of Toukya Miyashita. Aoi Yuuki does an amazing task with Boogiepop having a strangely supreme soft, severe, and tranquil voice. She regularly switches over between this sternly positive Boogiepop voice and also the voice of the typical outbound as well as meaningful high school pupil Touka Miyashita.

Komachi Hikigaya In My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

In the popular collection My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, alternatively known as Oregairu, Aoi Yuuki voices Komachi Hikigaya, the carefully helpful and also heartwarmingly adorable little sibling of Hachiman Hikigaya. Aoi Yuuki’s able to keep a pleasant and clear voice while revealing tips of sniffles in the psychological scene above. While all at once appearing considerably younger than both Boogiepop, Tsuyu, and Mami.

Tanya von Degurechaff In The Saga of Tanya The Evil

Aoi Yuuki plays the most bitter wonderful girl Tanya von Degurechaff in the army isekai collection The Saga of Tanya the Evil. Her performance in the scene over is definitely one of the finest voice actor efficiencies and also speeches provided by an anime personality. Significantly distinguishing in between the cutesy Komachi Hikigaya and the strict, awesome, as well as positive Boogiepop, Aoi Yuuki’s Tanya voice is the meaning of a stifled annoyed, annoyed, and unpredictably figured out armed forces soldier.

Kumuko In So I’m a Spider, So What?

Probably the best instance of why Aoi Yuuki is the “Queen of Vocal Range” is her performance ultimately for So I’m a Spider, So What? Not just is she terrific at heartwarming and cold severe voices, but she additionally stands out at quick gunfire voices. Throughout the anime sector, she’s likely the only voice actress that’s qualified of speaking at the rate at which she does when voicing Kumoko, and singing the ending song of So I’m a Spider, So What?

This Summer 2022 anime period, the skilled Aoi Yuuki articulates the personality Mami Nanami in the charming comedy collection Rent-a-Girlfriend, offered to stream on Crunchyroll, and also Mabel Laybelle in the funny isekai Uncle from Another World, readily available to stream on Netflix.

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