Apprentice Ranganathan arrested? Famous producer who complained! The spoken word is like that

Apprentice Ranganathan has been revealing the secrets about Tamil cinema actors and actresses in the interviews of many actors and many things that no one has heard.

He is not only a journalist but has also acted in many comedy roles in films. K. Rajan, a producer from the Tamil People’s Movement, has lodged a complaint against the trainee at a time when his interviews are causing a stir.

In his complaint to the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office, he said, “Apprentice Ranganathan has been spreading false news in an obscene and substandard manner, so many film actors and actresses are depressed.”

“In a recent interview, the apprentice threatened to cut me with a scythe if anyone attacked me. His speech incited violence, so he should be prosecuted,” the complaint said.

It remains to be seen whether the apprentice in this case will be arrested.

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