AR Murugadoss likes to be left on a different route

None of the Tamil cinema heroes are currently ready to star in the film relying on AR Murugadoss. The reason is that his film is getting into a lot of trouble. Sarkar also faced controversy over the story theft issue of the film.

Apart from that, his last film in Tamil, Darbar, did not attract much fans. So he has now gone to the Telugu side. He is currently directing a film with a Telugu hero.

In this case, Murugadoss has written the story for the upcoming movie Ranky starring Trisha. The film is directed by Saravanan, who worked as Murugadoss’ assistant. He is the director of the biggest hit movie anywhere in Tamil.

Saravanan, who was involved in an unexpected road accident, is currently recovering from it. Murugadoss has told his story to his assistant to help him. Thus there is a huge expectation on this film.

Also in this film Trisha is playing a character who gives prominence to the heroine. Trisha, who has recently opted for such a story, is hopeful that the film will definitely get a good name.

Murugadoss is planning to regain the place he lost in Tamil cinema with this story which has been created so powerfully. Therefore, the film crew has said that there is no doubt that Murugadoss will get a huge name and fame with the release of this film.

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