AR Rahman says working on Rajinikanth movies back in the day was ‘hell’


Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman regarded succor at making music for Rajinikanth movies succor within the day, and recalled how it wasn’t continuously the most fine ride. In a new interview on the Our Tiring Reactions YouTube channel, Rahman said that working on these films used to be ‘hell’ thanks to the tight time gash-off dates and sizable stress.  

Rahman admitted that love every diversified artist, he also experiences ingenious blocks, but he said the larger scenario is the stress. “A minimum of now it’s higher, but sooner than it passe to be, we start in March, after I passe to attain Rajinikanth movies… This movie must liberate by Diwali, they’ll hiss. After which, I could consider to attain the songs, I could consider to attain the background, and the electricity passe to be very funky at my say. We passe to consider two generators stationed. It used to be hell.” 

He said that he’d invariably consider to prioritise the Rajinikanth movies, which would per chance presumably annoy the diversified administrators he used to be working with, because Rahman passe to work on a couple of projects simultaneously. He added, “I passe to attain three movies, so the diversified administrators would hiss, ‘My stuff is approaching Diwali too, AR’. It used to be hell. I passe to detest all these fairs, because they passe to present me hell, whether or no longer it used to be Diwali or Contemporary Year or Pongal, because I in no way passe to ride. Now, there’s great extra leisure.” 

Rahman has level-headed the music for a lot of Rajinikanth movies such as Muthu, Sivaji: The Boss, Enthiran, and most as of late, 2.0. At the film’s trailer originate tournament in 2018, Rahman said, “Huge name is my popular hero. It is some distance thanks to the consistency in his profession. I am inspired by his methodology of life. I’m drawn by his spirituality too.” 

Rahman has obtained six National Movie Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, fifteen Filmfare Awards and seventeen Filmfare Awards South. 

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