Are Angelica and Jason From sMothered Still Together?


TLC’s ‘sMothered’ is a reality TV show that explores unique mother-daughter relationships. Although mothers and daughters have always been known to share an intimate bond, the ones featured on ‘sMothered’ are highly unconventional, unorthodox, and personal. From living like twin sisters, sharing social media accounts, to having intricate bathing customs, relationships on ‘sMothered’ showcase how deep-seated the connections can be. Angelica Michaux and her mother, Sunhe, appeared first on season 1 of the show.

Fans quickly developed an interest in the duo as they shared not only a bed but also their bathwater, considering it to be an “act of trust.” However, Angelica’s relationship with her mother threatened to spell doom for her relationship with her partner, Jason. Moreover, Sunhe’s constant intrusion into the couple’s life did not sit well with Jason. With both Angelica and Sunhe returning on season 3 of the show, let’s find out if Jason and Angelica managed to stay together and get over their issues, shall we?

Jason and Angelica: sMothered Journey

When Angelica and Sunhe were first introduced, they were living in Las Vegas. Shortly after moving to Las Vegas, Angelica had met Jason, who was still a married man. Jason quickly took to Angelica and tried to ask her out on a date. Though Angelica denied him numerous times, she ultimately gave in and went out with him. During the time season 1 was filmed, Angelica and Jason had already been going out for two years. He even gave her a ring to solidify their relationship, though it was not a proper proposal, as Jason was still married to his ex-wife.

Over the course of season 2, we saw how Jason divorced his ex-wife, Viviana, of eight years, for Angelica. However, Sunhe seemed to not approve of her daughter’s boyfriend. Other issues too cropped up within their relationship, the biggest of which was Sunhe accompanying the couple everywhere. With Sunhe always around, Angelica and Jason could not get a moment of privacy, which further drove a wedge between them. In addition, when the couple announced that they had gotten engaged, Sunhe’s disapproval was very apparent. There were also speculations about Jason’s family criticizing the match.

Are Jason and Angelica Still Together?

Yes! Jason and Angelica are still together. Even with a disapproving mother and numerous other obstacles, Jason and Angelica managed to make their relationship last. Surprisingly, it seems that even Angelica’s mother has accepted their relationship and is supportive of them at present. After the couple announced their engagement at the end of season 2, they had another fantastic news to share with their followers – Angelica’s pregnancy.

On June 10, 2020, Angelica and Jason welcomed their newborn daughter, Amara Jael, into this world. Amara’s birth seems to have brought Sunhe closer to the family, and she now enjoys the company of her granddaughter. Jason and Angelica, too, seem to be in a much better place at present. They love spending time together and often portray their love on social media. There have also been speculations about the couple being married, though neither Jason nor Angelica have substantiated the rumors.

However, it seems like the couple is in it for the long run as in a post commemorating Jason’s birthday, Angelica said, “Happy birthday to my main squeeze for life 💍 “The cool points are out the window & you got me all twisted up in the game” 😜 Here’s to many more, my old man 👴🏼 I love you, hut-neyyy.” The love the couple shares is truly inspiring to witness, and we hope their family remains happy in the days to come.

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