Argument with Bala, did Surya get out in the middle? 2D Company Description

Surya is teaming up with Bala for his 41st film. The shooting of the film started last month.


Bala is filming the set for the film on the beach in Kanyakumari. It is learned that Surya and Bala were supposed to have an argument during the shooting yesterday as the shooting was in full swing and after that Surya left angrily.

2D Company Description

The film is being produced by Surya’s 2D company. Bala – Surya 2D company has now issued a statement to explain the disagreement to spread the information.

It has been announced that the first phase of shooting is over in Kanyakumari and the next phase of filming will start in Goa in June. Work is underway to set it up there.

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