Ari Arjunan fighting to eradicate untouchability .. a film that reflects the original character

Although he has acted in some Tamil films including Highway, Ari Arjunan is famous for us through an issue called Jallikattu. The Jallikkattu struggle is an event that made the world look back in 2017.

Although many screen celebrities attended for a while with the students involved in the struggle and expressed their support, Ari was the only actor who remained until the end of the struggle. To that extent he is the one who can give a bold voice to the people’s problem.

Since then he has come up with several schemes in support of the farmers and has successfully run it. What made him even more popular was the show Big Boss. He was crowned the winner of the fourth season of the show and is currently busy acting in movies.

The movie Justice for the Chest, in which he co-starred with Udayanidhi Stalin, is coming out soon. Recently the trailer and music release ceremony of that film was held in a very grand manner. All of Ari’s scenes featured in that trailer are currently being appreciated by fans.

Ari plays a militant in the film, which is about the problems of the oppressed castes and sexual violence. Looking at that trailer it seems realistic to what extent the lower caste people are affected by the upper class.

Ari plays a wonderful character who speaks out against the upper castes in support of those people. Fans are eager to see the full picture as they watch Aryan with a gun in his hand, with a grin on his face.

In that sense this film is definitely expected to be a comeback for Ari. His fans are also appreciative that he is the original character of Ari who gives voice to people in real life.

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