Arjun, who has been filming Allola for 6 months, is the director who went in search and retaliated

Directing a film in Tamil cinema is a big dream for many newcomer directors. For this there are plenty of young people who go up and down every company with their scripts on hand.

There are those who carry the dream of cinema and are assistant directors who do not get the opportunity to direct despite the good story. And there are those who, no matter how many insults hinder their dream, will overcome it and move forward.

Similarly, there are some people who miss out on the opportunity at hand. One such person is Hariharan, who has worked as an assistant director in several films. He has worked as an assistant director to director RC Shakti who has given many hit films.

He then prepared his own story and told it to the famous producer. As soon as he liked the story, he talked to actor Arjun about it and sent Hariharan to tell the story.

Arjun who saw him there has doubts whether he can direct a film. However, he is sent to tell the story one day after him. Hariharan has been going to tell the story to Arjun for the last six months or so.

Arjun is also ready to hear the story. But Hariharan has decided not to tell the story to Arjun, who has been haunting himself for the past six months while telling the story. So he has come out and told Arjun that he is not close to telling me the story now.

After that he did not get a chance to direct a movie till today. Then he went to the serial page and after a few serials there were no opportunities. He is currently living off the work he got.

He said this in an interview with a private channel. Even now he is ready to direct movies. But he regrets that I did not get the opportunity.

There is a situation in cinema where you only get the opportunity if you work hard and adapt to certain things. But some assistant directors, such as Hariharan, have been left to fend for themselves.

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