Arriving at the wedding, Ranveer Singh made a fuss on the dance floor.

Delhi – Whether it’s a party or an outing, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s style is different. Actors always make headlines with their unique style. Ranwar recently attended a wedding in Delhi, where he was seen hanging out with his grandmother. Now these dance videos of the actor are going viral on social media.


In the video that came out, it can be seen that Ranveer Singh is making a lot of noise on the dance floor and is also seen mixing steps on a song with a woman. Meanwhile, he is looking extremely handsome in a red pants-coat.

In the second video, Ranveer is seen hanging out with his grandmother. In another similar video, DJ The actor’s strong style can be seen on Knight.

Fans are falling in love with these dance videos of Ranveer and giving their reaction by commenting.

Speaking of work, Ranveer Singh’s upcoming film is Karan Johar’s ‘Rocky and Queen’, in which he will be seen with Alia Bhatt. He also has ‘Jayeshbhai Zordar’, which is set to release on May 13.

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