Arun Vijay, Surya Co-starrer O My Dog How is the movie? Twitter Review

O My Dog is a movie starring three generations of Vijayakumar, Arun Vijay and Arnav Vijay. The film is produced by actor Surya on behalf of 2D Entertainment. Vinay, Magima Nambiar and many others are starring in this alliance.

Released on Amazon Prime, the film is currently attracting a large number of fans. The film, which was made to appeal to children, is currently attracting dog lovers and family audiences.

Fans are praising that Arun Vijay’s son, who has made his debut as a petty hero, will become the child star to be noticed by this film. Fans say that Arun Vijay’s performance in the film is very realistic.

Also Vijayakumar, Magima Nambiar and Vinay have completed the role given to them. Surya, who has been making films to attract families and children recently, has been hailed by all as the one who has once again captivated the fans with this film.

And while there have been many films involving dogs, some have commented that this film is very different and enjoyable. The film is currently attracting a large number of fans as its colorful visuals and background music add extra strength to the film.

In that sense the film has received many positive reviews that it is a quality film that children will love and watch. The film is currently co-starring in Surya’s hit film Pasanga 2.

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