Arya film actress ready for 3rd romantic marriage

Amy Jackson made her Tamil cinema debut in 2010 with Arya opposite Vijay in the Vijay directed film Madarasapattinam. After this film, Emi Jackson, who had hit the bar with leading actors like Vijay, Dhanush and Rajini, was also mixing in Telugu and Bollywood.

The last time he acted was in a Shankar-directed 2.0 film, in which he perfectly portrayed his role as a robot. However, after this film for Amy Jackson, he quit acting due to lack of opportunities in Tamil and moved to London and settled down.

A native of London, he first fell in love with Bollywood actor Pratik Popper. She was in a Living Together relationship with him and divorced him a year later. Next the second businessman fell in love with George.

She gave birth to a baby boy in September 2019 before marrying him. Thus, the couple was said to be getting married in 2020, while the couple was said to be divorced in 2021.

She recently fell in love with British TV actor Ed Westwick. A photo of the two currently touring the couple has been posted on social media. So the media confirmed that the two are lovers.

And the two have been rumored to be together for the past two months in some Bollywood magazines. So as soon as possible Amy Jackson plans to marry him for the third time.

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