Assistant Director who saved Bharathiraja’s honor .. Facts about Manivannan that no one knows!

Known as the director and actor of Tamil cinema, Manivannan was involved in the rice and textile business in Coimbatore and his family politics before he entered the cinema. While studying in Coimbatore, he and actor Sathyaraj became friends and Manivannan became more interested in college dramas without any interest in studies.

One of Manivannan’s favorite teachers, Manivannan also met a Naxalite leader who followed him because he was involved in the policy of communism. So when the police planned to put the key Naxals in the encounter, the first name on the list was Director Manivannan’s name.

Informed friends of his abducted Manivannan to Chennai. Manivannan, who came to Chennai, wrote a hundred-page fan letter praising Bharathiraja and joined him as an assistant director. In this situation, the first verse written by Manivannan to Bharathiraja, who had only given successive films, ended up being Bharathiraja’s first failed film.

Bharathiraja, who was teased by his friends, vowed to his friends that he would definitely give Manivannan a hit. Thus Manivannan also wrote the super hit film ‘Waves Do Not Rest’ and gave a super hit to save Bharat Raja’s honor.

Later in Manivannan’s family life, Bharathiraja married Manivannan to his cousin. Manivannan then went on to direct and release films on his own.

At that time, Manivannan and Seeman became friends and Bharatiraja, who did not like it, stopped talking to Manivannan. Thus Bharatiraja cried in an interview leaving tears like a small child that not speaking to Manivannan caused great mental anguish.

So like Bhagyaraj and Manivannan, who shone as successful directors from Bharathiraja’s workshop, those who were Manivannan’s assistant directors were not slackers. Sunder C, RK Selvamani, Seeman, Vikram and many others who were assistant directors to Manivannan have now become successful directors.

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