Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Described

The ninth episode of ‘Atlanta‘ season 3 once again steers away from the story of its main characters and focuses on another standalone tale of cultural significance. The episode titled ‘Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga’ follows a high school senior, Aaron, who is having a hard time to pay his college charges. Nevertheless, an unforeseen chance might be the response to his monetary battles. Naturally, audiences need to be questioning whether Aaron gets the cash to pay his college tuition. Because case, here is whatever you require to learn about the ending of ‘Atlanta’ season 3 episode 9! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 opens with Aaron, a high school senior, playing an online videogame in his space. After the video game, Aaron argues with his challengers. The argument leaves Aaron distressed, and he leaves the video game. Aaron takes a look at the Arizona State College site prior to going to sleep. The following day, Aaron’s dad drives him to school. Aaron questions whether his moms and dads will present him an automobile for graduation. Nevertheless, Aaron’s dad discusses their alarming monetary circumstance. It appears that Aaron is having a hard time to pay the college tuition for ASC.

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At school, Aaron consults with his sweetheart, Katie. She asks Aaron whether he determined a method to enter into ASC. Aaron assures her that he has a strategy and they will go to ASC together. Nevertheless, Katie is not totally encouraged. Later on, the school holds an unique assembly for the finishing class. The primary welcomes Robert Shea Lee to deal with the trainees throughout the assembly. Robert is a rich black business owner who studied at the school. Robert reveals that he is contributing $1 million to the school and altering its name to Robert S. Lee High School.

Robert likewise reveals that he will be paying the college tuition of all the senior graduates who are black. Aaron feels betrayed and desires the scholarship. Nevertheless, given that he is biracial and not totally black, Aaron has long shot of getting the scholarship. A panel judges Aaron’s understanding of the African American culture. In the end, Aaron is rejected a scholarship due to the fact that he is not black. Furthermore, Katie breaks up with Aaron as they do not have a future together. As an outcome, a furious Aaron chooses to take an extreme action versus his school.

Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Ending: Does Aaron Get the Scholarship?

In the episode’s last act, Aaron chooses to get vengeance on his school. He makes a weapon and reaches his school to burn it down. Nevertheless, at the school, Aaron fulfills another trainee who was rejected a scholarship for not being black “enough.” The other trainee discusses that while he is initially from Nigeria, his moms and dads transferred to the U.S.A. when he was still an infant. For that reason, he considers himself African-American and is worthy of the scholarship. On the other hand, Aaron thinks that he is “more” black than the other trainee given that his dad is black and his dad’s household is belonging to the U.S.A..

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The 2 trainees argue and assault each other with their particular flame throwers. The other trainee gets the upper hand and will eliminate Aaron when a law enforcement officer shoots him. In the consequences of the fight, the other trainee gets a scholarship from Robert, who considers being shot by a law enforcement officer as the “blackest” thing. On the other hand, Aaron is as soon as again left dejected. The circumstance echoes Aaron’s dad’s words.

Previously in the episode, Aaron’s dad specifies that not getting what you are worthy of belongs of being black. The event offers Aaron an understanding of his dad’s words. The episode ends one year later on, as Aaron operates at a regional electronic devices shop and reunites with Katie. Aaron’s character has actually totally altered, and he owns his black heritage. Aaron is a lot more positive as an individual and wins over Katie throughout their interaction.

The episode’s ending restates the long-running style of the series — being black is not almost your skin color. It has to do with being accepting of your cultural heritage, along with being accepted for it. At first, Aaron overlooks the black culture, which is shown in his space. Furthermore, he does not have any black buddies and takes pleasure in white benefit. Aaron just acknowledges the African-American elements of his heritage when he has something to get from it. The episode’s black and white visual likewise represents the duality of Aaron’s tussle with his racial background. In the end, Aaron accepts the black culture and develops into a more positive variation of himself.

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