‘Atrangi Re’ Summary & Overview – Is Bollywood Aloof Mocking Mental Health?


It has been fairly a whereas since we have seen a appropriate esteem account come out of Bollywood. ‘Atrangi Re’ gives you hope that tinsel town silent has it and can raise, nonetheless hope is all it gives because right here’s no longer it. To the common viewer, the movie is successfully though-provoking, and a range of cases will dawdle away you smiling alongside with the occasional chortle, and right here’s credit that wants to be given. But in case your soul possesses even a runt percentage of cynicism, you’re going to be aggravated. 

Let’s launch by making one ingredient definite. The term ‘Atrangi Re’ translates to ‘colourful.’ For non-Hindi language speakers, it’s miles frail in a few contexts, reckoning on which it might well well probably presumably perhaps well also imply uncommon and though-provoking. But the director of the film, Anand L.Rai, made up our minds to dawdle with the that means as ‘Funnily Irregular,’ which he clearly intends for the tone of the film to be. 

Place Summary

The film is a esteem account, if truth be told, extra of a esteem triangle between Rinku, Vishu, and Sajjad. Rinku, played by Sara Ali Khan, is a feisty 24-three hundred and sixty five days-frail girl from rural Bihar who has lived with her extended family for the reason that death of her of us and has speed away from residence with her boyfriend a pair of times since she became once 14 years frail. Her family has never been ready to search out out who this person is and are drained of her so-referred to as ‘antics’ after they in the end accumulate to build up her married. Their thoroughly requirement is the person be somebody launch air of Bihar. They space Vishu, played by Dhanush, a clinical scholar who’s within the deliver for a college day out. They kidnap him, sort him breathe laughing gasoline, and accumulate him married to a sedated Rinku. As a non-expert in Chemistry, the demand is, why no longer sedate him as successfully? What became once the aim of the laughing gasoline rather then the comedic construct?

After the wedding, as they’re leaving the effect, they launch speaking about every other, when Rinku tells him about Sajjad, her supposed boyfriend, who will come and take her away in a few days. Rinku and Vishu attain a mutual settlement to part ways once Sajjad returns. Meanwhile, Vishu is getting engaged in two days and chooses no longer to explain his to-be fiancé about his forced marriage on the recommendation of his buddy who claims to know ladies.

Needless to claim, things don’t dawdle as planned, and secrets and ways are published, feelings are confessed, frail flames return, and discoveries are made, all within the span of 20 minutes. It’s okay; we won’t whinge about that.

What Went Unfriendly With ‘Atrangi Re’?

We’re going to’t attend nonetheless surprise how Vishu fell in esteem with Rinku in a supposed span of two days when all we saw him reside became once have a study her with low discomfort. Is ‘gloomy’ the recent ‘look of esteem? Either capability, right here’s for the main half of of the movie. 

The 2nd half of of the movie is proof of why Bollywood might well presumably perhaps also simply silent defend away from psychological health subject matters. Here we’ve Rinku, a girl with obviously deep-seated childhood trauma that has manifested very strongly into her adulthood and is a defining part of her recent situations. And what does our protagonist Vishu, who happens to be a clinical scholar, reside about that? He decides to launch treating her, and by that we imply, give her medication with out her consent and hope she will be able to get larger. He’s assisted by his buddy, a fellow clinical scholar studying psychiatry and who thinks he understands ladies. 

Let’s be definite that there is now not any longer a single certified therapist or psychiatrist in this dilemma. They are all silent clinical students. And the whole ‘remedy with out consent is no longer thoroughly unlawful nonetheless also very morally injurious. The writers of the movie and the director have handled her trauma as they would treat the fashioned cold, which is amazingly caring brooding about the delicate energy Bollywood has in this country, alongside with the recent perspective and misinformation of us have in opposition to the topic of psychological health. The whole team have to have done larger.

‘Atrangi Re’ Ending Overview

After we accumulate past the unforgivably problematic element of the movie, we stumble upon the clarification why Bollywood has fallen true into a dearth of appropriate rom coms. The answer is easy- it’s since the characters are very one-dimensional, and we don’t see why they’ve fallen in esteem rather then that they were supposed to. Rinku is your garden-selection manic pixie dream girl, and Vishu is your customary Bollywood man in esteem who would reside anything else for his girl esteem. Now we must assert right here, Dhanush, who performs Vishu, is so incredibly charming, and with out reference to our lack of conviction within the esteem account, he performs it so successfully that you witness your coronary heart basically breaking for him. We if truth be told want his persona became once extra than the ‘man in esteem’ as he had that probably. He’s undoubtedly the big name of the label. 

Sara Ali Khan, as Rinku, does what she is meant to reside and does it successfully, nonetheless her persona deserved larger writing. Akshay Kumar, as Sajjad, does what he has done in every movie- he performs the desi and sassy larger-than-life man who all and sundry loves. This movie has a major fault, and that is that it does now not label how Rinku falls in esteem with Vishu? She became once continuously caught up within the esteem triangle, nonetheless when did she see the esteem? She does confess on the tip, nonetheless it absolutely comes across as something done for the sake of the account and no longer proper.

The ending scene where Rinku realizes the fact of Sajjad and ‘will get over her trauma’ have to have occurred in a therapist’s place of job, no longer in a packed railway space. And the girl wished to build up her life together after that, no longer fair appropriate simply speed into the fingers of the ‘hero.’ 

Would possibly perhaps well presumably silent You Watch ‘Atrangi Re’?

We’re if truth be told torn about this recommendation. On the one hand, it became once positively though-provoking. It’s no longer a esteem account for the ages, nonetheless it absolutely will seemingly be no longer a atomize of time. And for any one following the promotions of the movie or any of the actors for the matter, there might well be a 2nd of petty satisfaction when Vishu teasingly sings and dances to the hit song ‘Chaka Chak’ to Rinku. But alternatively, there is the messed-up illustration of psychological health.

So, our recommendation would be, to find it with a filter. You are going to be being attentive to the aforementioned song on loop and probably decide to launch binge-gazing Dhanush’s other motion photographs after that. This can, alternatively, continuously be a thorn in our side that a movie with such an unprecedented director, such unprecedented song, and a positively gifted big name solid fell making an strive being a ‘must-to find’ simply thanks to its insensitivity to psychological health. If you happen to might well presumably perhaps also intelligently ignore that element of it, it’s miles a appropriate 2 hours and 20 minutes of your time spent smiling right via, and in case you would also’t ignore it, fair appropriate listen to the movie’s album on YouTube. That’s the most easy part both capability.

Atrangi Re is a 2021 Indian Romantic Drama film directed by Aanand L. Rai. It’s a long way streaming on Disney Hotstar.

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