Ba Ranjith is an actress who has been assigned as a high caste ..

Superstar Rajinikanth has a large fan base in Tamil cinema. Even though many years have passed, the place for him in the minds of the fans is still the same. That is why all the films he has acted in are being celebrated by them and the collection record is being understood.

In that sense he is currently in the process of deciding to star in the next few films following the Annatha film. He will next be seen in a Nelson-directed film produced by Sun Pictures.

In this case, an incident that took place in the gala movie in which he was acting has caused a stir. Directed by Ba Ranjith, the film stars actress Eswari Rao opposite Rajini.

She has acted as a heroine in many films in Tamil including Chimmarasi. At one point he also starred in a few serials as cinema opportunities dwindled. After that he left Tamil cinema and got the opportunity to act with Rajini.

But really the first choice for that character was actress Sukanya. Sukanya is a popular Tamil actor who has acted in many Telugu and Malayalam films. After that he got away from the cinema without a chance and got the opportunity to film this gala.

But director Ranjith did not cast him in the film for the sole reason that he is Brahmin. Eswari Rao came to act after that. Apprentice Ranganathan has openly stated in an interview that Ranjith refused to cast Sukanya because she is of high caste.

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