Bad time to catch and play Vishnu Vishal .. The story that drove the demon to this day

Currently many actors have their own production company and are producing many films through it. Thus Vishnu Vishal has been producing his acting films through his production company. Initially the films starring Vishnu Vishal were well received.

He impressed the fans with his realistic performances in films like Vanilla Kabaddi Team, Waterfowl, Fox Meeting, Mundasubatti. None of the films starring Vishnu Vishal after that went exactly right. Thus he worked hard in an attempt to give it a hit film again.

That was when the Ratchasan film became a turning point for Vishnu Vishal. The story’s passion, interest, acting all brought the Ratchasan film fans to the edge of the chair. Vishnu Vishal continued to focus on films to keep the name intact.

In this case, he had acted in the film FIR with his own production. Although the film was released and made a profit, it did not attract much attention among the people. In this situation Vishnu Vishal is in a big trouble. That means the film he starred in in 2018 is Jagajala Killadi.

The film starred Niveda Pethuraj, Yogi Babu, Motta Rajendran and many more. The film is directed by Vishnu Vishal and directed by Vanthutta Vellaikkaran. In this situation, the film is facing many problems until its release.

Vishnu Vishal is waiting for the release of this romantic comedy. Although he has many talents he is currently stumbling over not being able to give a hit film again like the Ratchasan film due to his listening time.

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