Bagya’s business lying down .. Vijay TV picks up an old weapon to lift it

The directors will hold the Meha Sangam to create more excitement for the serial while the serials that are attracting the iconic fans are raging.

After a long hiatus in that genre, Vijay TV’s super hit serials Ana Pandian Stores and Pakkiyalakshmi are now coming together.

The Pandian Stores family is set to step in to fix the business of Pakkiyalakshmi, who has already run into major trouble.

This is because the Pandian Stores family, which owns the grocery store, is going to buy spices from Bhagya and popularize it and revive Pakiyalakshmi’s business.

The Pandian Stores family is going to support Pakiyalakshmi’s business thanks to the fact that the Pandian Stores family has already fixed the problem that arose during the purchase of land to build the Pakiyalakshmi Department Stores.

So Vijay TV’s DRP rating is going to go up as the association of these 2 serials is also airing next week. So logo fans are eagerly waiting from now on to see the confluence of these two serials.

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