Bala who showed his self again .. Surya who splashed and ran

If it is a Bala movie, the actors will be scared of everything. To that extent the man is an actor, grabbing the actresses by the scruff of the neck. No matter how many tags he goes on, he can repeat those scenes until the scene is right for him.

Only then can he scold the actors he sees in the film. It was also reported that he sometimes reached out his hand in extreme anger. But the reason for all this is that Bala does this in the hope that his film will come out well.

But there is always a tragedy in Bala’s films. This means that at the end of the film, the film will end negatively enough to make the fans anxious. Although Bala’s films were initially welcomed in this regard, for some time the films he released in motion were not widely received.

Thus many actors have refused to act in his direction. But Surya should not forget the director who raised him, as he has been acting under contract in the film Bala. The shooting of the film also took place in Kanyakumari.

But Surya has been a bit lenient in filming. Seeing this, Bala became angry and left a few words. Surya did not know what to do as he was scolded in front of everyone and left as soon as he was on the set.

If this is a problem for Bala in his own life, then the biggest problem is in the screen life right now. Bala has an idea on how to convince Surya to bring him back to filming.

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