Bappi Lahiri, the ‘King of Disco’, was known across generations for his foot-tapping numbers. Here are some lesser known facts about the veteran musician.


Ragged music composer and singer Bappi Lahiri passed away in Mumbai on Tuesday but for his fans, his legacy is immortal. Composing and singing just a few of basically the most inspiring hits of the 1980s, Bappi Da used to be is named the ‘Disco King’ of Bollywood. Bappi Da grew to change into known for his inimitable snarl and even his musical vogue used to be so definite that his fans might perhaps well establish his beats in just a few seconds. Bappi Da launched Hindi movie music to the vogue of disco which gave us just a few of the becoming foot-tapping numbers of the 1980s.

Listed below are just a few of the lesser known info in regards to the ‘King of Disco’:

1. Bappi Da’s genuine title used to be…

Bappi Lahiri’s title has a definite musical rhythm to it but this wasn’t his legitimate title. He used to be born as Alokesh Lahiri, and in the kill adopted Bappi as his title.

2. Kishore Kumar used to be Bappi Lahiri’s maternal uncle

Bappi Lahiri obtained immense success as a musician but it appears to be like relish he used to be blessed by maternal uncle Kishore Kumar. On a musical actuality describe, Bappi Da had shared that even though they had been no longer connected by blood, (Kishore Da’s mom saw Bappi Da’s mom as a daughter) he used to be the closest to him, worthy more than his enjoy sons Amit Kumar and Sumit Kumar. Bappi in total narrated tales of his childhood years spent alongside with his ‘mama’. Truly, each year, Bappi threw a puny event in Kishore Da’s honour on his birthday. Videos from just a few of these gatherings are shared on Bappi Da’s Instagram address.

3. Bappi Da made his movie debut with Kishore Da

Bappi Lahiri used to be known for his signature vogue off-digicam but no longer many know that he had a immediate stint as an actor too. In 1974, Bappi Lahiri made his debut in the movies in Kishore Kumar directorial Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi. Bappi Da had shared an archival photo from the shoot on his social media.

4. Bappi Lahiri sued Dr Dre in 2003

In a landmark copyright case, Bappi Da sued American rapper Dr Dre after he copied the tune of ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’ for his album Addictive. Later, Dr Dre credited Bappi Lahiri on the album. The Disco Dancer composer told Hindustan Times in 2009, “Dr Dre aged my song Kaliyon ka Chaman in his album Addictive, for which I sued him. However he gave credit afterwards, so it’s k and I’m cheerful.”

5. Bappi Lahiri’s closing composition

Bappi Da’s closing composition used to be launched in September 2021. The composer made music for devotional song Ganpati Bappa Morya and shared it on his social media handles. The observe used to be sung by Anuradha Juju.

6. Bappi Da’s stint in politics

Bappi Lahiri joined Bhartiya Janata Occasion in 2014. He contested from the Lok Sabha seat of Srerampur but lost to Kalyan Banerjee of the All India Trinamool Congress.

7. Bappi Lahiri started taking part in tabla as a three-year-venerable

Bappi Da’s music genius used to be found at a young age as he started taking part in desk when he used to be most inspiring 3 years venerable. From then, he perfected his craft to attain the heights of recognition.

8. Bappi Lahiri sang for Vishal Shekhar in 2006, which used to be a important for him

Bappi Lahiri famously sang a good deal of his enjoy songs but up unless 206, he had never given vocals for any other composer’s advent. This changed when Vishal-Shekhar roped in for Taxi No 9211’s song Bambai Nagariya, which grew to change into out to be a good hit.

9. Bappi Da’s styling inspiration

In an episode of Indian Idol, when a contestant requested him about his outlandish vogue, Bappi Da printed that he had gotten impressed from Elvis Presley.

10. Bappi Da’s world file

Bappi Lahiri earned a insist in the Guinness E-book of World recordsdata for recording over 180 songs for 33 motion photographs which possess been all launched in a single year, 1986.

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