Beast Coffee is the coffee of this Tamil film: Pushpa is the director who retaliated against the trolls

At the time of the release of Vijay’s Beast, it was criticized by many as the coffee of the movie Gorkha starring Yogi Babu. The negative reviews that came with it had a huge impact on the Beast collection.

Beast failed

The critically acclaimed Beast film has suffered heavy box office losses in many places. The film has been reported to have lost crores of rupees in many places including Kerala.

Gurgaon director retaliates for trolls

In this case, Sam Anton, who is currently directing the movie Gorkha, has responded to the trolls of the movie Beast in an interview.

“I’ve seen the Beast movie three times. It’s like Christmas movies in Hollywood. All the movies are almost the same idea. I’ve seen the charming movie 10 times. It’s Vijay experimenting. After that it’s a tiger. Comedian, but Vijay is a big guy in it. ”

“In that sense, Pushpa is Captain Prabhakaran’s song.


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