Beast, Kgf 2 Films Full Box Office Collection – Kgf 2’s Top, Stumbling Beast Around the World

For the past few weeks we have only been looking at the box office collection status of Vijay’s Beast and KGF 2 films. The reason is that these two films are now running in theaters.

Beast condition

Since actor Vijay is a film, cinema fans blindly believed that the film would be a smash hit. But what happened was different, Vijay did exactly what the director told him to do, the story just got a little messy.

This is sad for Vijay fans. In Chennai, the film is priced at Rs. It took several days to collect Rs 10 crore and the film is hitting the box office in Tamil Nadu as well. In Tamil Nadu, the film was sold for Rs. It has collected only Rs 1.5 crore.

In total, the film has grossed over Rs. 192 crore.


The film runs loudly to beat the Beast a little dull. An additional 60 theaters in Tamil Nadu are likely to air the film. The film also grossed over Rs. 750 crore.

Yesterday in Beast and Kgf 2 films, Tamil collection- Yash, Vijay beats Vijay

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