Beast, KGF2 pictures sidelined guard 2 love .. This is a test for the commander

Last month, the films of many prominent actors were released in Tamil and attracted a large number of fans. Despite the mixed reviews of some of the films, the record in the collections is understandable. In that sense, the crowd of fans in the theaters in Chennai over the weekend.

Last month saw the release of several movies such as Beast, KGF2, Guardian 2 Love, Acharya, Hostel. So on the weekend yesterday a large number of fans flocked to the theaters to see these films.

In it, the romantic movie Kathuvakkula 2 has received an overwhelming response. Fans who were not so keen on this film in the beginning are now watching this film with interest. In the coming scenes of Samantha, the whistle of the fans blows the theater.

So the film is currently number one in collections. The KGF2 movie, which was released on April 14, is still playing housefull in theaters. In that sense, the film ranks second in the box office.

Following that, the Telugu film Acharya, starring Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan and Pooja Hegde, has grossed more than two days after its release. After Ramcharan’s recently released RRR movie, he has gained a lot of fans in Tamil.

That is why his film is currently making waves in Tamil Nadu. It was followed by Vijay’s Beast, which came in fourth. Despite the many negative reviews for the film, it has been making a profit without any drop in collections.

Also, a significant number of people are coming to watch the movie Hostel, starring Ashok Selvan. In that sense, the film is the fifth highest grossing film of all time.

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