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Beast movie success or failure? .. Udayanithi Stalin openly stated

Udayanithi Stalin, who is famous as an actor and a politician, has been buying and releasing many films in Tamil cinema. In that sense he is currently capturing the film Tamil rights of many leading actors. It is noteworthy that he gets more profit from this.

Red Giant Movies has recently released a number of leading actors’ films such as Annatha, Anything Dare, Beast, Kathuvakkula 2 Love. Udayanithi Stalin has also acquired the Tamil rights for Kamal’s Vikram, which is set to release next month.

He was currently asked about this in an interview. That is, the question was asked as to whether all these films he bought and released were successes or failures. In response, Udayanidhi said that the Annatha film produced by Sun Pictures had a better collection than the previous films of the superstar.

Surya’s Daredevil, which came out after that, said that although the film was not a huge success, it was also a success. Also the Beast movie starring Vijay which came out last month met with many negative reviews among the fans.

Thus, many people said that the film was a failure. Udayanithi who is currently talking about it has said that Beast movie is the biggest hit movie. In this way he puts an end to the comments that came about the Beast movie.

Following that, Kathuvakkula 2 romantic movie starring Vijay Sethupathi has been released and is getting good reviews. Udayanithi Stalin has said that this is the highest grossing film ever made by Vijay Sethupathi as a solo hero. Currently, the news about his Beast movie has become Kushi.

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