Beast released on ODD sooner than expected! Is this the date?

The Beast movie was released last April 13th. Despite the high number of negative reviews, there was no impact on the collection on the first day.

Decreasing collections

On the second day (April 14) the release of the KGF2 film began to affect Beast collections. The number of theaters for the KGF2 film has also started to increase due to more negative reviews.

Thus Beast collections are declining day by day. Total revenue is expected to touch Rs 200 crore soon.

When will the ODT release

Netflix has acquired the OTD rights to the Beast movie. According to reports, Beast Sun Next and Netflix will be releasing on ODT on May 11th.

However this is a date that has not yet been officially confirmed.

It is also rumored that KGF2 may take several more months to come to ODT.

That’s the only reason Beast is not good – it’s not good, S.A.C. Open Doc

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