Beast who deceived the fans … Is this fair Nelson sir

Beast is a movie that has been released all over the world today starring Commander Vijay. The film has received rave reviews from fans.

In this situation Beast fans were not well received by the general public beyond, always Vijay films come in good collections whether it is good or not, many scenes of this film did not become grass even yesterday.

And everyone who has seen the film has an opinion on what Nelson is and why, and what everyone expected from Nelson was how Vijay would turn out in a good dark comedy film.

But, no one knows whether it is a dark comedy film or a Vijay film, moreover it is like watching a Vijaykanth film.

There are so many scenes that make Vijay fans go crazy, even if only Vijay is there, don’t look at what Vijay is doing in that film … buy back Nelson.

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