Beast will collect so many crores in Tamil Nadu alone on the first day! New peak in Commander’s career

Overall Vijay fans are currently waiting for the release of the movie Beast. Sun Pictures is also releasing several new promos daily to promote the film. It is further raising the expectations of the fans.


Reservations for the film have already begun and have been completed in several leading theaters. First day shows in most theaters in Chennai are all house full.

In this situation, the estimate of how many crores this film will collect in Tamil Nadu alone on the first day is starting.

So many cod?

Tickets for the first day of the show are more expensive than usual. Even online bookings range from 200 to 700 rupees.

So it is estimated that Beast will collect up to 40 crore rupees in Tamil Nadu on the first day.

Beast is also expected to touch a new high in Commander Career in total collections.

Shah Rukh Khan’s property worth thousands of crores, if asked, will turn heads

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