Beastars Season 2 Joins Netflix: Watch

Beastars Season 2 Joins Netflix: Watch

Netflix as a streaming service has been jumping headfirst into the world of anime to carve out a niche for itself against the likes of Crunchyroll, HBO Max, and Funimation, with the likes of Godzilla Singular Point, Baki, Devilman Crybaby, and others rounding out its anime roster. Now, fans of the anthropomorphic adventures of Legosi and his friends within the world of Beastars can jump into season two right now, which might finally reveal the identity of the murderer that kicked off the series and has been picking off prey in a world where animals attempt to co-exist.

Beastars was created by Paru Itagaki, who actually is the daughter of the mangaka responsible for another series that is exclusive to Netflix in Baki The Grappler, and debuted via Weekly Shonen Champion in 2016. Running for four years with twenty-two volumes of story to its name, the series creates something of a dark “Zootopia,” by making its characters anthropomorphic creatures that are attending high school while also attempting to solve a murder mystery and navigate a world of predators and prey. During the conclusion of the first season of Beastars, Legosi was able to reveal his feelings for the rabbit Haru while also saving her life from a black market ring that was carving up prey in order to feed to predators.

Beastars Season 2
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Season Two actually debuted earlier this year in January in Japan, but waited several months before hitting a global release on the streaming service. While Itagaki had recently brought the story of Beastars to an end in the manga, she has also created side stories that re-examine the world with the likes of Beast Complex. While a third season has yet to be confirmed by the anime adaptation created by Studio Orange, we would imagine that the animated story of Legosi and his friends will continue on Netflix.

If you’re unfamiliar with Beastars, here is the official description from Netflix for the dark tale:


“In a world where beasts of all kinds coexist, a gentle wolf awakens to his own predatory urges as his school deals with a murder within its midst.”

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