Before the anniversary, Nitu became emotional remembering her husband Rishi Kapoor

Mumbai- Late. Actor Rishi Kapoor may not be with us today, but his memories can never be forgotten. On the other hand, his family seems to remember him at every opportunity and also seems to be emotional in his memories. Recently, Nitu Kapoor got emotional once again by remembering her husband Rishi on the set of a TV show.


In fact, Nitu Kapoor is on Colors TV these days. Is launching a new reality show ‘Dance Deewane Juniors’. The children will be seen paying homage to Rishi Kapoor through their performances in the show.


Meanwhile, Nitu Kapoor’s late. Husband gets emotional while remembering Rishi Kapoor and says that every day someone reminds him of Rishi.

This episode of ‘Dance Deewane Juniors’ will be aired on Saturday, April 30 on the anniversary of late Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor said goodbye to one world two years ago, on April 30, 2020.

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