Being an actress is not so easy .. Vikram is a bitter experience for a film actress

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about a movie star. That aside, there are many tragedies in the lives of those actresses.

Famous actress Sangeetha has spoken openly about some of the bitter experiences that took place in her life. He is best known for his role in Vikram’s Godfather. A few years ago her mother had a sensational charge against Sangita. He said Sangeeta had kicked him out of the house and refused to pay.

Sangeetha said that the biggest mistake all parents make is sending their children to play at an early age. So a family will sit and eat with the money they earn.

The same thing happened in my house. I started acting in cinema at the age of thirteen. Since then I have earned a lot for my mom and siblings until I got married. But they have spent lavishly without putting it together.

Then I got married and took care of my family. My family, who had been celebrating me until then, turned against me after the wedding. Because I had been earning money until then and then started living for my family.

Nevertheless I have been giving them a considerable sum unlike before. But they blame me without remorse. I learned a lot of things only after I got married. It was my husband who told me how to write Czech.

This has happened not only in my life but also in the lives of many actresses. Being an actress is not that easy. Some actresses have suffered and died from addiction even to the point of death.

But I was swayed by my husband. Now I am living for my child and husband. Sangeetha has openly spoken about her past bitter experiences that 15 years of my life have been wasted by my family.

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