Believe it is another mouth .. Nayanthara stuck out of the mouth

Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara and Samantha starrer ‘Kathuvakkula’ directed by Vignesh Sivan was released last week and has been well received by the people. So the director of this film Vignesh Sivan and actress Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi are going to the theater and visualizing the response that people are giving.

But Nayanthara is a little more melancholy to this film than any other film. Usually Nayantara will give an answer. If I go to the promotion of a film I have acted in that film will not run sentimentally. That’s why I would say one answer is that I am not going for film promotion.

But that does not apply to his own production film. He will only go for promotion for his own production films. Rowdy Pictures, his own production company, is currently awaiting the release of the awesome romantic film. He went to all the theaters for the promotion of the film. He went to 3 to 4 theaters in Chennai and was amazed.

The push in the theater was the big riot. Vignesh Shiva convinces Nayantara and takes her to the car. At one point, Nayantara-Vignesh went to Tirupati with Siva and had a vision that the awesome romantic film Kathuvakkula should win.

Nayanthara, who is coming to the theater to entertain the fans, why Nayanthara, who is starring in other producers’ films, is not going for the promotion of the film. Own home is own home for anyone. The next house is the next house.

So with this the fans are frying now and you say the movie will not run if it comes to promotion. But you run and work only for your own production company. Is this fair to you! That fans have been articulating.

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