Beloved, the breeze beyond the picture came and touched me serial .. Abi who turned into Simran!

There has been an unexpected turn of events in the series ‘Breeze Comes Touch Me’ which airs at 3 pm on Vijay TV. The serial stars Vinod Babu in the lead role and Pavithra in the role of Abi.

Unexpectedly in this serial, Rowdy gets married to Abi, a well-to-do woman who has returned home after studying abroad. After the marriage, Abi goes to Rowdy Victory’s house and tries to live with him, thinking that the man who built Tali is her husband.

Fans, however, hoped that the success, which would not change her character, would soon accept Abijah as a wife. But recently Abhi’s father was kidnapped by a terrifying rowdy gang and planned to kill him.

Abi agrees to the winning agreement that if she saves Abi’s father, she will leave this house and leave your greetings. So Victory saves Abhi’s father and gives him life, so Abi leaves the house and goes to her mother’s house with the box bed.

The promo that Abi Kankalangi spoke about is now becoming a trend among iconic fans as she’s only remembered to hit Abhi on the way out, ‘Ask that Tali to fuck you’.

The story of Priyamanavale is similar to that of Agriment in this serial. So Netizens tease that all the serials that are currently airing are just copying an image of something.

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