Best 10 popular anime characters One Piece One Piece from the Straw Hat Pirates!

Many of you may have heard of the famous name of the anime One Piece One Piece. “I’m going to be the Pirate King.” One Piece is an adventure cartoon with a friendship story of friends that will surely make you full of happiness and fun, but first we want to introduce the basic characters so that everyone knows a little. For new visitors or fans who want to know more about them. To experience One Piece to the fullest and see a group of Straw Hat Salad Joe who accompanied Luffy. You can follow One Piece Anime seasons 1-19

Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy)

A young boy with an elastic human body, the after-effects of eating demonic fruits make his body more flexible than the average human, but on the other hand, it prevents him from swimming more. But he dreamed of becoming the king of pirates. So he set out as a pirate, sailing through many different seas.

Character: He is a person who is dedicated to travel and loves his friends very much. Thanks to his purposefulness, he is able to apply well applications and fights with an elastic body. There will be turbulence in each of his scenes. It’s a bit of a laugh, but when it comes to serious scenes, he does it with deep discretion.

Character: Recalls according to Luffy’s poster. He is a little boy with a straw hat and a red unbuttoned vest. In each scene, however, he still has to change the color of his shirt to look more altered with a strong physique. Winter-hardy, as it grows with each season. The last few seasons have been more muscular than the beginning, and I have to say that the drawing team was able to have some fun by drawing the characters well. Regardless of facial expression. The gestures of the characters are very well done.

Roronoa Zoro

Zorro He is the first ally and Luffy’s right-hand man. Originally, he was a pirate hunter. He dreamed of becoming the best swordsman in the world. He has more power than others and can adapt his sword-fighting skills to the opponent in battle depending on the situation.

Character traits: The most serious person in a group of trips. He is a very strong man. He is very strong. He tried to exercise and do things, but he was sleepy, loved to sleep most of the time, was outspoken, cut with an axe, and was also very good at getting lost.

Character: A green-haired man who only opened one eye because he lost his eye in training, but it gave him more power and strength. This character is probably a favorite of many people because he is very strong. Depth of the path and unique use of 3 swords, left hand, right hand and mouth that hold the sword in battle.


Originally, Nami hated pirates so much because they were taken for their use. But the story leads to Luffy meeting a group of evil pirates and saving them from her. She decides to go on a journey with Luffy because she has a talent for mapping maps and her passion is mapping the world. It has the ability to refine aerial reconnaissance and control the weather in battle with a baton made by its allies.

Character trait : Nami is an intelligent and cunning woman. Outwardly, she may seem like a money-conscious person who likes to dictate things, but on the inside, she is gentle and affectionate to her friends.

Character: Cute little girl The shoulder-length orange hair may seem like a young girl at first glance, but as the story progresses, it grows even more. Her growing physique, along with her long orange hair, cute face, and big eyes, will melt the hearts of her fans.


He has inventiveness. He created and developed Nami’s staff to make it even better. He is a precision shooter. He was given the position of a ship’s firearm.

Character: He is a good liar and has a trick in talking. Although he is a shot, he is cowardly enough. Nevertheless, he is a lover of friends. If you have to do it to help your allies, He is ready to fight.

Character: The hat and glasses worn on the head are probably the hallmarks of this character, as they are chic and easily recognizable, as well as a long nose designed like Pinocchio. Coupled with his liar personality, as well as his black, wavy hair from his hat, makes it easier to remember.


He worked as a cook on a ship that was rescued when pirates entered his ship. Sanji dreams of finding the source of seafood or all blue, so he embarks on a journey of dreams. He has the ability to fight with both legs and does not like to fight with his hands, because he keeps his hands only for cooking.

Character : He has a passion for the beauty of women. There are many episodes where there are scenes where he is heartbroken. Eyes shine in the shape of a heart. He is not a big fan of those who play or judge food by appearance.

Character: A teenager with yellow hair, a man with eyes who stares at a woman in almost every episode. Indispensable is the heart-shaped sparkle that meets a cute woman. And the tip of the eyebrows curls like a lollipop, which tastes so much that there is probably a mouth that smokes almost every moment, which is a constant image of this character.

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is a cute little reindeer that has been eaten by human demon fruit. Chopper’s knowledge, ability to use herbs, and medical skills enabled him to create a variety of transformative medicines, including as a doctor of the Straw Hat Group.

Character: He is very sensitive, shy and believes in Usopp’s lies and tricks, but he likes it, and he is usually close to Usopp and Luffy because he likes to listen to their lies and acknowledge them.

Character: A cute little deer that transforms coolly, a character like no other deer because he can stand on 2 legs with a big blue hat that is very annoying.

Nico Robin

She is the only O’Haran girl to survive. She has the ability to read the ancient language of Poneglif, and that is her ambition to find the true Poneglief by following in the footsteps of her mother, who used Robin to eat superhuman demon fruit, causing parts of her body to grow or break like trees. She also has a knack for assassinations.

Character traits: She is mentally strong, but also sensitive to the past of lost families. So we’ve probably seen some wine scenes in passing. The eyes of this character come out a bit, along with her determined persona. Ready to fight many enemies

Character: She is tall, slender. Her long black hair and big blue eyes made fans fall in love, as her physique is a person whose arms and legs are slightly longer than other female characters, she stands out from the rest.


He was a human who turned into a cyborg to survive a train wreck, which gave him a body that mixes man and iron. He’s strong with the mechanics he adds. Because he was a castaway. So he was able to help himself until he survived. He is also an inventor and has a skillful handling of machines. His ambition was to build the most powerful ship in the world.

Character: He is easy-going, rather whiny and whiny, and likes to show his friends new inventions all the time.

Character: A blue-haired semi-machine man who can change depending on the taste of Coke he drinks, and arms that have been transformed into robots, with round steel on both shoulders, with parallel body stitches in front of the torso. It must have been something new, because he prefers to wear only panties on his lower body.


He was a skeletal samurai, as he had eaten the fruit of the resurrection demons. This allowed him to return his soul to its original form, although only the skeleton remained. He has the ability to summon power from the world of the dead. He sets off with the straw hats, hoping to meet his old comrade Laboon.

Character: He has a good temperament and likes to take risks and make music.

Character: Skeletal shape and hairstyle that brings out the musicality well, with a sword that clearly shows the samurai.


He is a mermaid who can use karate-shaped fighting powers and grow stronger in the water and talk to sea creatures.

Character: He is a man who is dedicated and proud of his race and does not obey anyone’s orders. Apart from the fact that I only do it out of gratitude that helped.

Character: Has a blue body and a large body. And a sun blessing in the middle of the red breast. His face is characterized by two long fangs that look quite fierce, and black wavy hair and a beard on the chin, which attracts the attention of his character.

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