Best 7 Movies Like Centauro You Must See

Best 7 Movies Like Centauro You Must See
Best 7 Movies Like Centauro You Must See

Daniel Calparsoro directed the Spanish original auto racing police procedural flick ‘Centauro.’ A racer is like a centaur, with wheels in place of unguis– the movie appears to suggest. Motorcycle racer Rafa prepares to get to the racetrack and also attain his desires. His roadway to stardom is filled with incessant perils. To conserve the mother of his child from a ghoulish gang, Rafa takes control of the bike, ending up being a trafficker for the gang. The ground beneath him begins slipping with an intense exhaustion gripping him. The film has themes like family members, brotherhood, aspiration, enthusiasm, profession, and criminal activity. If you look for similar forays, we are sure we can arrange you out. You can enjoy the majority of these movies similar to ‘Centauro’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Ghost Rider

Mark Steven Johnson’s take on Marvel’s ‘Johnny Blaze’ is ‘Ghost Rider,’ which is a strangeness in the Marvel world. While the movie polarized the doubters to a terrific level, it additionally supplies some age charm, thanks to an elegant visibility from Nicolas Cage. While softening the rebellious allure, the titular anti-hero gets to a crossroads. In youth, Johnny acquired with the Devil to cure his father’s cancer. However Johnny incomes war with Mephistopheles after his papa passes away, forging an enmity with Blackheart, the son of Mephistopheles. While gaining Cage a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor, the movie was nominated for Best Horror Film at the Saturn Film Festival. If you look for a fun take on folklore while keeping the exact same anti-hero trope as Rafa in ‘Centauro,’ this must be your go-to movie.

Days of Thunder

While the film did not have much of a mark in the crucial circle, it still oozes out a common late 80s ambiance. Apart from that, the film was also the initial pairing of Tom Cruise with Nicole Kidman. If you want to preserve the fast environment after ‘Centauro’ while adding a bit of the late 80s charm, this is the flick for you.

Tron: Legacy

Sam’s father, Kevin, went on a journey to the neon-lit virtual space of Tron, which he established with his 2 partners. With Jeff Bridges retaining his role from the 1982 movie, which was based on the gallery video clip game of the exact same name, the film takes the audiences to a retro globe complete of neons as well as secrets of a virtual globe. If you like yourself some more adrenaline adhering to ‘Centauro,’ here is a flick to please your senses.

Burn Out

Yann Gozlan routed the cerebral auto racing flick ‘Burn Out,’ the spiritual forerunner of the Netflix film. Based upon an unique by Jérémie Guez, the narrative revolves around Tony, that gets plunged into the criminal underworld of Paris. The mother of his kid has an enormous financial obligation to some scary and also upsetting people, and Tony should take a stand to conserve the lady from the gang. With the property, the dish provides a strained thriller, teeming with narrow turns. If you are looking to return to the French forerunner of ‘Centauro,’ this might be a perfect time.

Fallen Angels

Hong Kong New Wave genius Wong Kar-wai guided the charming criminal activity tragicomedy film ‘Fallen Angels’ with a touch of melancholy. The flick is divided right into two components that have little to do with each other, narrating nocturnal characters on the streets of Hong Kong. Wong Chi-ming is a gun for hire with a companion in a mystical female that stalks him from a distance, while Wong fulfills Blondie one night. Ho Chi-mo is one more eccentric denigrate that keeps running into the same woman who has a sob story concerning her ex-boyfriend. ‘Centauro’ is a romance behind its abrasive material, and also if you intend to enjoy another ode to unrequited love, this is a motion picture you should include in your watchlist.

Baby Driver

Every gang needs a motorist, as well as when it comes to getting the job done with little talk, chauffeur Baby’s abilities can hardly ever be exceeded. Furnished with an electrifying soundtrack and enhanced by a skilled actors set, the movie takes no time to absorb the visitor in its adrenaline-heavy story. If you like to sink the globe in songs while driving, right here is an outstanding motion picture at the intersection of criminal offense as well as rate after ‘Centauro.’.


Currently, if we are speaking concerning competing films, we can not simply do without ‘Akira,’ the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk extravaganza. Katsuhiro Otomo directed the film from the first 3 volumes of his own cutting-edge manga, although packing it with a twist in the end. If you want to keep the adrenaline thrill adhering to ‘Centauro’ while food craving a computer animated venture, this timeless standard is one of your best bets.

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